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Sony Pictures Planning Spider-Man Films and TV Shows for Next Seven to Eight Years

March 13, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Spider-Man, Spider Man: Far From Home, Joe Russo

Speaking to Variety, Sony Pictures Entertainment Chairman Tony Vinciquerra and Sony Pictures TV Chairman Mike Hopkins revealed that Sony has some big long-term plans for the Spider-Man property. That includes developing new content related to the Wall-Crawler for the next on the film and television sides. Additionally, Sony has laid out their Spidey plans over “the next seven or eight years.”

Vinciquerra stated, “We have the next seven or eight years laid out as to what we’re going to do with that asset, and that will not only be on the film side — it’ll be on the TV side. Our television group will have its own set of characters from within that universe that we will seek to develop.”

Hopkins added, “We’re developing a lot of Marvel-related content, and I think we’ll be out in the market very soon with something really, really big and transformational for us. That’s a big piece of development that we’re onto.”

The statement comes off the heels of the success of 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming and this year’s hit CG-animated feature, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Also, the 2018 Venom live-action movie, produced by Sony Pictures, made a stunning $855 million worldwide, and a Morbius movie is in the works, along with sequels and spinoffs to Spider-Verse.

Per Variety, Sony’s license of the property includes “more than 900 Spider-Man-adjacent characters.” However, TV plans for the Wall-crawler for Sony Entertainment could be tricky. Back in 2009, Sony reportedly sold the TV rights for Spider-man back to Marvel Entertainment, who has produced and controlled all the motion picture content of Spider-Man on TV since that period. That means Sony would likely need to set up a new co-production deal with Marvel Entertainment for any Spider-Man TV projects or get Marvel’s approval for them.