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Summer Glau Reflects on Firefly, Serenity: “Each Character Could Have Had Their Own Film”

September 10, 2016 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

The woman who no power in the ‘Verse can stop reflected on her time on Firefly and Serenity at Rose City Comic Con. Summer Glau did a Q&A at the convention on Saturday and was asked what she thought about how the 2005 film wrapped up the events of the series.

“We were so blessed to get Serenity,” she started. “It was a miracle, thanks to [the fanbase]. I feel like each character could have had their own film. And I know that Joss…I’m sure that he had his own material for each character, because they’re so rich.” Glau said that the castmates would all try to guess their characters’ backstory. In regard to what she would have liked to see for River, she said, “I wanted to see River find a relationship, someone from another planet…learn to communicate.”

As an aside, she added, “I know there’s gonna be another one some time.” To no surprise, that got quite the applause from the crowd.

She also talked about her history for playing characters who were more focused on their physicality than their dialogue, from River to The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ Cameron. “I think that the right person finds the right role and the right role finds the right person,” she said. “I found River at the right time of my life,” noting that she was still working as a ballet dancer at that time and wanted desperately to be an actor but had no training. When she was cast as River, she said, “it was a beautiful process for me because I was able to approach the role through movement and learn to communicate through words.” She concluded, “It was a vulnerable time for me, but thrilling.”

When asked about her future roles, Glau said that she’s busy being a stay at home mother to her new child, but that maybe in the next year she’ll have something lined up.