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Supernatural Review 12.16 – ‘Ladies Drink Free’

March 30, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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Supernatural Review 12.16 – ‘Ladies Drink Free’  

The Road So Far: Sam and Dean are forced to work with Crowley to take out one of the first Hellhounds, which is only loyal to Lucifer. Speaking of Lucifer, he manages to escape from his chains but soon discovers that Crowley has the cage’s wards placed on his vessel, so he’s basically Crowley’s slave. Meanwhile, Sam admits to Dean that he’s working with the British Men of Letters and Dean begrudgingly agrees to do the same. Castiel is offered a spot back in Heaven and leaves to meet with the new leader, Joshua.

Season 12, Episode 16: Ladies Drink Free

Directed By: Amyn Kaderali

Written By: Meredith Glynn

(This review contains SPOILERS for this week’s episode. You have been warned.)

If there’s one thing this show needs, it’s someone in charge of pacing the story out. After the reveals from the last new episode, the show took two weeks off and comes back to…a monster of the week episode featuring the return of the irritating Claire Novak. I was just starting to enjoy you again, season 12. Why do you do this to me? So if you’re expecting some kind of follow-up for the Castiel and Lucifer/Crowley stories, you’ll have to wait until later.

This episodes follows Sam and Dean still working with the British Men of Letters and they discover a werewolf case. Mick (Adam Fergus) decides to tag along because he lost his entire team two episodes ago and wants to “be ready.” Of course, he has no real experience hunting but they take him along anyway. They eventually discover that Claire Novak is also working the case.

Claire, for those who may not remember, is the daughter of Jimmy Novak, the vessel Castiel chose who eventually died for good. She’s had her issues and even after getting a new family that cares about her she remains an unlikable brat. We’ve had enjoyable characters killed off and yet she keeps showing up to ruin whatever episode she’s a part of. Everyone has a character that they hate, she’s mine.

Because she’s not as ready as she says she is, Claire gets bitten by a werewolf and that’s where the second half of the episode goes. Mick says there may be a cure if they can get blood from a pureblood. If it sounds familiar, it’s because they ran a similar story in season six, only with Dean and vampires. So it’s a repeat story using a character that may not be as hated by everyone but certainly isn’t all that popular.

The change is Mick, as he seems to be having some conflicting emotions over how to handle monster cases. Earlier in the episode, he killed a teenager who was bitten and it shook him. He later has a chance to do the same to Claire and can’t bring himself to get it done. His instincts as a human are interfering with the code he follows as a member of the Men of Letters. There has to be some sort of fallout for that, which we’ll no doubt see in the weeks to come.

Either way, it finally gives us a member of that faction worth watching. Arthur Ketch is kind of a badass, sure, but he’s also cold and remorseless, killing innocents just because they’re different. Mick plays up his Britishness a bit but he has a lot of knowledge, more benefits (three star hotels!) and is more willing to listen to reason. He would make a good ally to the Winchesters. Hopefully he lives long enough to grow as a character.

The episode of course ends with everything being okay, because Garth already vanished to live as a werewolf and for some reason they want to keep Claire alive. I guess Castiel would be mad. If anything, the episode gave us the opportunity to see more of Dean showing how much he cares about her and acting like a father figure. Although it makes me feel old that Dean can now play the father figure to anyone, considering how young he was when the show started.

Now that we have previews again (thanks for not forcing Riverdale down our throats, CW!), next week shows we’re going to follow-up with the Mick story. Once again, I have my fingers crossed because he has potential as a character. Here’s hoping he survives.

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While a episode focused on Claire Novak is normally annoying (and she is), this one gives the character of Mick some growth and development, which is really what we need to buy the British Men of Letters as anything other than antagonists. It's not perfect, because it comes at a time when we need follow-up on the big twists from last week, but it's enjoyable enough and looks to build to a better episode next week.

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