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Supernatural Review 8.13 – “Everybody Hates Hitler”

February 7, 2013 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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Supernatural Review 8.13 – “Everybody Hates Hitler”  

The Road So Far:

Season Eight, Episode 13: Everybody Hates Hitler
Directed By: Phil Sgriccia
Written By: Ben Edlund

It had to happen eventually, and I’m surprised it took until season eight to do it. Sam and Dean take on the Nazis, one of history’s greatest collections of monsters. It seemed like such an obvious choice for a villain of the week that the fact that it took this long to get to them speaks well of the longevity of this show. The fact that they tackle the Jewish mythology of the Golem is even better.

The episode opens right where the last one left off, with the Winchesters hitting up the Men of Letters’ secret lair, and it’s the perfect place to establish a new base of operations. They’ve been in dinky cabins and motel rooms for far too long and need a place more like Bobby’s house: loaded with a ton of information and ways to help them on their quest to fight evil. It won’t last, good things rarely do in their world, but it’s a good way to change things up a bit in the time being. As Dean said, they found the Batcave.

Meanwhile a rabbi is set on fire by a mysterious force that is probably Nazis, considering we saw a Golem destroy the Nazi camp at the beginning of the episode. It turns out he was part of a group connected to the Men of Letters, which is enough for Sam and Dean to get on the case and become involved in something probably bigger than their normal hunt-and-kill routine. Almost literally, because the Golem is huge.

If this episode had any flaws, it was that it took a little too long to set up this week’s story, which means that we had to rush through the somewhat anticlimactic (even though it was fun to see) ending. Without spoiling anything, Sam and Dean are cornered by the villain in what is normally a midway point before the finish, but then everything just ends without a worthwhile climax. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much, but it was really enjoyable until it just sort of ended.

Considering how much story we have in the main arc, it makes sense that we delayed the “story-of-the-week” element for it. Even then, I have the feeling that the Golem will return in a later episode and the ideas did touch on the new Men of Letters twist, so it’s a complaint and not a complaint at the same time.

The best parts of the story (besides watching a Golem toss Dean into the air like a sack of potatoes) are actually the moments in the Den of Letters (it’s what I’m calling their new hideout) where the two brothers are geeking out over how much greatness is in one place. Dean doesn’t trust it, nor should he, but I think he’s begun to just take the good wherever he can get it considering how bad their lives normally are. It makes perfect sense to me.

I’ve found that two episodes in and the Men of Letters story already has provided more use than Sam’s Amelia subplot. I’m still trying to reserve judgment for that until the end of the season, but right now it just seemed like an odd explanation to give Sam something to do while we explore Dean’s time in Purgatory. Hopefully she comes back and we get proper (or at least one that has more of a point) to that story. The Men of Letters deal is not connected with the main story yet, but it could very easily come into play later.

This week’s episode wasn’t as dramatic as this week’s, but it was still very enjoyable and you can’t go wrong with Winchesters vs Nazis. We’ll get back into the tablet and demon stuff next week.

The 411: This week's episode was a solid "monster-of-the-week" deal that still managed to provide some movement on the main story (if this particular subplot leads into it). The Golem is an interesting concept and one that I hope is explored more in future episodes. Until then, we have God's obstacle course next week.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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