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Supernatural Review 8.16 – “Remember the Titans”

February 28, 2013 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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Supernatural Review 8.16 – “Remember the Titans”  

The Road So Far: After an episode which focused on witches, Sam and Dean save the day and then Sam is revealed to have blood coming out of him after he passed the first trial to close the gates of Hell. Like an idiot, he doesn’t tell Dean.

Season Eight, Episode 16: Remember the Titans
Directed By: Steve Boyum
Written By: Daniel Loflin

Okay, I didn’t really care for last week’s episode but it wasn’t as bad as say, Bitten. This week we dive into something a little more suited to my tastes, as Sam and Dean have to deal with a few Greek Gods. You may have heard of them: Zeus, Artemis and Prometheus. Personally, I’m hoping this keeps the door open for more of them to show up. Can you imagine Dean trying to match wits with Athena or the two putting a stop to Hades? Of course I imagine Hades might not show up because we already have a Death and that might get confusing. So let’s just cut out the middle man and bring Death back.

Sorry, I was rambling. This week sees the two go on a hunt for zombie which turns out to be Prometheus. As it turns out, Prometheus dies a lot and then gets resurrected because he’s immortal. That’s not exactly the way it was written but I guess it’s a lot more suited for a story than “this bird is going to eat your liver a lot”. Plus Hercules freed him from that fate anyway. Sorry, my Greek mythology nerd is showing. So they discover that Prometheus is alive and well and has lost all memory of being a titan and stealing fire for humanity. He also doesn’t seem to know he has a kid, who also has his curse of dying. That leads to the second half of the episode.

As with all late-season episodes, I don’t really approve of having a stand-alone story this late in the game, but it’s fine. The next episode is set to be heavily focused on the mythology and this was a good story all-around. It seems the theme that season 8 is trying to invoke is family and loss. The story of Prometheus wanting to protect his newly-discovered son mirrors the fact that Dean is trying to once again protect Sam.

The interaction with the gods is great, especially because it brings us back to one of my favorite episodes, Hammer of the Gods. That had Lucifer showing up and wiping out guys like Mercury and Odin like a boss, before Gabriel made the heroic sacrifice to try and stop him. This wasn’t nearly as good, but seeing Zeus reinterpreted for modern times (and looking like the Dos Equis guy) was nice. I also loved Sam’s attempts to talk trash to a god and Dean’s reaction. That was funny.

One thing I really enjoyed is that while the story of Sam suffering the trials has been shoved mostly to the background for this week’s tale, they do touch on it. Sam is trying to keep another secret from Dean, this time to protect him, but Dean is not stupid and knows Sam’s putting up a front. It’s clever and it saves us from the pitfall of having one of them keep a secret and the other getting mad about it that we fall into a lot on this show.

Instead this gives us another emotional Dean moment as he prays to his best friend Cas to watch out for Sam and give him some kind of help. Cas doesn’t answer, which is sad because I think he would if not under Naomi’s influence. Hopefully we’ll get some progression of that part of the season on March 20.

Yes, I said March 20. We’re taking another break for about three weeks before The CW will give us more episodes. I would assume that after that it’s a straight shot to the end of the season, which appears to be May 1, provided we don’t take another break. Castiel, Crowley and Meg are all back, so hopefully those three weeks just fly by! Stay thirsty, my friends.

The 411Remember the Titans was a solid stand-alone episode with a nice look at this show's version of Greek gods. The story also drew some parallels to what our heroes are going through now and gave us some good brother moments. See you back on March 20 as we get back into the main story once again!
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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