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Tangled: The Series – Queen for a Day (DVD) Review

December 23, 2017 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Tangled: The Series
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Tangled: The Series – Queen for a Day (DVD) Review  

The adventures of Rapunzel and her friends continue in Tangled: The Series. In the new extended special, “Queen for a Day,” Rapunzel is faced with a challenge that could endanger all of Corona, while her parents’ lives hang in the balance. The special episode is now available as a new, single DVD release from Disney.

The Movie: “Queen for a Day” is actually the 16th episode for the first season of Tangled: The Series. All set before the events of the short film, Tangled Ever After, the new series follows the events of Princess Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) after she has been reunited with her parents, the king and queen of Corona.

In “Queen for a Day,” Rapunzel’s parents, Queen Arianna (Julie Bowen) and King Frederic (Clancy Brown), are out for a winter vacation, leaving Rapunzel in charge of Corona for the first time. However, after they leave, Corona is soon threatened by a blizzard that threatens the kingdom. And no, it wasn’t caused by Queen Elsa from Frozen. Rapunzel is now forced to make difficult decisions as the default ruler, while her parents lives hang in the balance.

The series for Tangled has worked as a solid companion piece to the movie, expanding the world and telling new stories for Rapunzel and her boyfriend, Eugene (Zachary Levi). This is clearly a show aimed at younger audiences, but it has fairly good writing, and it’s great to see more of these characters. Not to mention, the original voice talents are reprising their lead roles, which is always good, and usually doesn’t happen for TV spin-offs of hit feature animated movies.

The special episode also has a nice B-plot involving Varian (Jeremy Jordan), who has really emerged as one of the stronger new characters for the series. Varian’s home village is under the threat of some dangerous rocks. It seems these same rocks are similar to the ones that caused Rapunzel’s magical hair to grow back at the beginning of the show. Varian also gets his own musical number in this special, and Jordan performs it in fantastic fashion.

This was a good episode to get its own spotlight release as it culminates some major storylines that have been building so far throughout the series, and it also sets up the rest of the season. While this is a broader family series, the ending has some serious implications for the future for Rapunzel, her friends and family.

DVD Info: The Tangled: Queen for a Day DVD release is packaged in a standard DVD plastic clamshell case. There’s no digital copy code inserted in the box, but there is a paper insert with a code to redeem for some Disney Movie Rewards points.

Video Info: The DVD release is presented in widescreen with a 1.78:1 aspect radio. Video quality is solid, bright and colorful for the most part.

Audio Info: The show is presented with its original English 5.1 Dolby Digital language track with an optional 2.0 Dolby Digital language track. Optional English, Spanish, and French subtitles are also included. The show has good music and sound quality, and the musical number by Varian for the special is great.

Special Features: There’s not really a lot of special features here, but there are four “Inside The Journal” shorts that have been made for the show, offering more backstory for Rapunzel’s best friend, Cassandra, Queen Arianna, and King Frederic. The shorts are just Rapunzel’s little musings as she writes in her journal given to her by her mother in the show.

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This makes for a good stocking stuffer type of gift or a gift basket kind of gift for the holiday season. It's not necessarily must-own unless you have kids who love the show you'd like to watch the DVD with. Otherwise, if you are a fan of Tangled or its new TV series, you might want to wait for a complete season set or release, but the episode for the release is still a good one for a solo release. The show is good, and it has enough that older Disney fans will enjoy if they watch along with their kids.