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Ten Deep 11.29.12: Top 10 Movie Siblings

November 29, 2012 | Posted by Mike Gorman

” Top Ten Movie Siblings”

First, let me apologize for the technical difficulties that kept me from posting this list last week. A computer can be a terrible mistress some times. That said, I bring you a Ten Deep inspired by the season. Well, it is themed to the season as this is the time of year that many families reunite over big meals and awkward exchanges. The true inspiration for this list came from one of the best writers ever to grace the pages of 411Mania, Mr. George Sirois. A week or so ago George posted a reference on Facebook to a movie that featured my favorite sibling relationship ever presented on film. It got me thinking about other movie siblings, who measured up and who didn’t. I won’t mention which pair made the top spot yet, I will keep you in suspense and get right to number ten!

10. Julius & Vincent Benedict from Twins

They’re twins, but one is a giant muscle head with a great smile and the other is short, dumpy and angry. Get the joke! While the premise and film is heavy handed there ends up being a true brotherly bond between Julius and Vincent in the 80s classic, Twins. Genetic manipulation gave one of them all the advantages, I will leave it to you to figure out which one that might be.

In this clip the long lost brothers finally meet…

9. Rachel & Kym from Rachel Getting Married

The limits of the unconditional love between siblings are truly put to the test in the heart wrenching relationship between Rachel and Kym in Rachel Getting Married. Familial perception and the reality of their connection are juxtaposed in the ultimate test of family bonds, a wedding. The foibles and strengths of these two women draw you in and make you want the best for them both.

Here is the film’s trailer:

8. Ginger & Brigette from Ginger Snaps

Could you kill your sister if you needed to? That is one of the questions Brigette must ponder when she discovers that her sister, her best friend, has become a werewolf. The answer is not so simple and neither is the adventure that these two must go through in this story. Ginger Snaps is an overlooked gem in my opinion that brings a new dynamic to the werewolf story. Sisters to the end takes on new meaning here, believe me.

7. Michael, Sonny & Fredo Corleone from The Godfather series

How can there be any discussion of movie family’s without including the Corleone’s? The lives and times of these three brothers intersect with their destiny in each of the Godfather films. For me, the most intense moments come between Michael and Fredo in the second film. The scene below is one the most memorable of these moments, well at least the most quotable.

6. Chas, Margot & Richie Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums

In what almost feels like a parallel to the Corleones, we now have the three Tenenbaum siblings. Like the Corleones they are impacted by a destiny brought upon them by a patriarch who, while fascinating, has not always been the strongest parent. In this instance though Chas, Margot and Richie have grown up and we get to see the impact of a twisted childhood full of extreme expectations and pressure. While they are larger than life characters unto themselves, we do get to see the strength of the through line that connects them as family.

There is a palpable complexity to their relationship that is evident in this reunion scene:

5. Blanche & Baby Jane Hudson from What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Love and obligation are twisted to utter madness in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Baby Jane cares for her ill sister Blanche but grows full of resentment that manifests itself in sheer insanity. This campy classic shows that not all bonds between sisters are necessarily healthy delivering two legendary performances by Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

Watch these two old Hollywood powerhouses chew the scenery together in this great moment:

4. Ferris & Jeanie Bueller from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

I truly love the relationship between Ferris and Jeanie Bueller because there is nothing plastic or fake between them. Jeanie is possibly the only person on the planet who sees Ferris for the master manipulator that he really is. Don’t get me wrong, Ferris would be a lot of fun to be around if you were his friend but as a sibling he leaves a lot to be desired. You can only watch someone get away with murder so many times before you snap yourself, and this is what we see Jeanie go through in this movie. But, and it is a big but, in the end her loyalty lies with family and she protects Ferris from Mr. Rooney. It was an unexpected but totally logical twist. The relationship between brothers and sisters does not have to make sense; it just is what it is. Believe me, I have two sisters… each more like Ferris than they’d probably admit!

3. Michael Myers & Laurie Strode from Halloween

Now I have had some knockdown, drag out fights with my siblings but even the worst can’t hold a candle to the dysfunctional relationship between this pair. Michael Myers comes back on Halloween to hunt down his sister, and then makes a tradition of it. Talk about not liking your family to visit at the holidays! The relationship between Michael and Laurie is the back bone of one of the most popular horror franchises of all time.

This sibling rivalry came to a tragic end, in a terrible movie. Save yourself the time of seeing Halloween: Resurrection in its entirety and check out these siblings’ last visit here.

2. Luke & Leia from Star Wars

When your dad turns out to be one of the evilest men in the universe, I think it is safe to say you’re going to deal with some pretty crazy circumstances. This might almost excuse a little brother on sister smooching that may have occurred before they knew they were related. Almost. Their kiss aside (see the video below for more on it!), Luke and Leia did kick some major ass throughout their adventures and their bond was evident from the get go.

And lastly…

1. Claudia & Tommy Larson from Home for the Holidays

Family is not always to deal with, especially at a holiday and that is why is often great to have a sibling or two around to help shield you from the pain, laugh at the same inside jokes, and refill your drink when the discussions get draining. This is a universal truth that is brought to life in spectacular fashion by Holly Hunter and Robert Downey Jr. in Home for the Holidays. Their Claudia and Tommy are for me, the ultimate movie siblings. Their relationship is flawed and very real. This is the film I referenced in the introduction, that George mentioned on Facebook. I knew in that instant that they would be the two sitting on top of this list. If you have not seen this movie do yourself a favor and check it out immediately. This is definitely the season for it. Here is just a taste of this Thanksgiving meal…

Are your favorite siblings listed here or did I miss them entirely? Don’t repress your feelings, we’re family, let it out in the comments section below!

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