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The 411 Douchebag of the Week: Louis C.K.

September 3, 2018 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz
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The 411mania Douchebag of the Week

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the latest edition of The 411 Douchebag of the Week. I’m Bryan Kristopowitz.


Well, it looks like the “All In” pro wrestling event was a major success. A sold out crowd, a major title change, and a big surprise from Chris Jericho were just some of the “major” things that happened. I didn’t see the actual event, but I did watch the WGN America pre-show “All In: Zero Hour” and I thought it was a generally well done presentation. Generally. The lights seemed to be a little too smoky at first and the sound in the building was iffy, but then it was a live event and anything could happen. The Road Warrior Animal cameo was cool (it could have been longer but it worked) and Cody Rhodes and the popular for some reason Young Bucks (they’re a good tag team but, at the same time, I don’t understand their appeal) did a nice intro to the event. The opening match between SCU and the Briscoes was excellent (I wasn’t expecting that finish. I really thought the Briscoes would win). The battle royal was a mess but was still fun to watch. Billy Gunn’s son did a great job and Bully Ray was a giant prick in the match, which was good stuff. The only issue I had with the Zero Hour show was the sound. You couldn’t hear the announcers. Was that something that happened during the actual pay per view? I haven’t seen anyone complain about it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it didn’t happen. So did it? Were there sound issues throughout the show?

So now what happens next for the “All In” franchise? Cody apparently said that there was more to come, but what does that mean? Will we get two or three of these “All In” events a year? Will WGN America get involved somehow again? And will the WWE start buying people so they can’t show up at events like “All In” and that New Japan/Ring of Honor show at Madison Square Garden next year? It will be interesting to see what happens next.

Who enjoyed “All In”? Who didn’t care for it?

And now onto this week’s Douchebag of the Week.



This week, the 411 Douchebag of the Week goes to disgraced actor, writer, director, and stand-up comedian Louis C.K., for his recent surprise stand-up performance in New York City. C.K. performed at the Comedy Cellar in New York City on August 26th, completely unannounced, and performed a 15 minute set. According to various reports, the crowd of around 115 people enjoyed C.K.’s performance, although some people felt “uncomfortable” during the performance. And why shouldn’t they have felt uncomfortable? C.K., who admitted to masturbating in front of women, hasn’t done much since that masturbation revelation in terms of apologizing to the women he victimized or to the public at large. He just disappeared. And now, some ten months later, C.K. is back, sort of, telling jokes and “making a comeback.”

A comeback?

That’s bullshit. And it shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

C.K., at one time, may have been one of the best stand-up comedians working today. I thought his stand-up was pretty good. His TV show Louie was awesome. And it looked like he was about to become an “important” moviemaker as his I Love You Daddy was gaining some buzz. All of that went away when it was revealed, and C.K. eventually admitted to, masturbating in front of multiple women over the years. C.K. and his apologists tried to make the masturbation incidents seem like no big deal (“He asked them if he could do it! And they said yes! What’s the problem?”), but once the details came out C.K. made a public statement about what he did and then disappeared. His movie was pulled from its release date, and reruns of his TV shows were removed from various streaming outlets. Louis C.K. became a public pariah and basically disappeared. That was the bare minimum of what should have happened. And, in a way, talk of a “comeback” was almost immediate. How much time would he have to stay out of the public light before he would be allowed to perform again? Could he even do it? Would the public accept him after what he did? Would the comedy world accept him again?

We shouldn’t be having this conversation. Louis C.K. should still be persona non grata in pop culture in general. He hasn’t apologized, in any major, meaningful way, for what he did. The women he victimized, as far as I can tell, haven’t come out and said, in unison, that they accept his apology and are okay with him telling jokes again. And based on the reports from his Comedy Cellar stand-up set, he didn’t talk about the gigantic fucking elephant in the room when it comes to him and his behavior. Ten months later, it’s suddenly now just business as usual.

Fuck that. And fuck Louis C.K. for thinking that he’s paid enough of a price for what he did. He’s still a horrible, disgusting pervert and sexual predator who clearly hasn’t learned a goddamn thing. And until it looks like that he has, and until he’s paid some sort of meaningful restitution for what he did, he shouldn’t be welcome to perform anywhere. Anywhere. He still deserves nothing more than public condemnation, scorn, and endless scrutiny for masturbating in front of women. Because that is what he fucking did. He used his position as a major comedy voice to engage in absolutely horrendous sexual harassment. And, as I said, it’s fucking bullshit that he’s back. Total fucking bullshit.

Hopefully, the further condemnation C.K. has received since his Comedy Cellar performance will force him to crawl back to the rock he was hiding under for ten months and we never have to see or hear about him again. When he makes an actual, meaningful effort to make amends for the disgusting shit that he did, he can come back. Maybe. But until then, fuck off, Louis C.K. The pop culture world is better off without you in it.

What a fucking disgrace.


And now for this week’s honorable mentions…

Everyone who is now defending Louis C.K., for defending Louis C.K.. From comedians like Michael Che and Michael Ian Black to the various comedy club owners who have said that they would welcome Louis C.K. back to their stages/clubs/venues, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. What C.K. did was disgusting and disgraceful and should not be tolerated. Ever. And this bullshit about “he should be allowed to make a living,” fuck that. The only thing he should be allowed to do is think about what he fucking did and apologize for it. He hasn’t done that, and until he does that in a meaningful, non-bullshit way, Louis C.K. can go fuck off. And all of you defending him should fuck off, too.

The guy from California who threatened the Boston Globe, for threatening the Boston Globe. There’s a huge difference between telling a media outfit that you think their coverage of something is awful and they suck and threatening to kill the people that work at that media outlet. You have the right to do the first, but you have absolutely no right to the second. None. What the hell is wrong with people? Jesus Christ.

-Actress and Democratic candidate for governor of New York State Cynthia Nixon, for her disastrous debate performance this past week. Nixon’s campaign, in general, hasn’t been very impressive since she announced that she was running, and her debate with current governor Andrew Cuomo showed that she’s a terrible candidate who seems to be in the race simply because she’s angry that Cuomo isn’t “left” enough. Go ahead and watch that debate again. Tell me that she has an actual agenda beyond “I don’t like the current governor.” Maybe if she admitted to that she would be a slightly better candidate. Maybe. But right now, she isn’t ready to do this. And the Democrats are fucked big time if she ends winning the nomination. She will get destroyed.

– Douchebag Hall of Famer, 2017 Douchebag of the Year, and (Jesus Christ) 45th President of the United StatesDonald Trump, for his disastrous public response to the death of Senator John McCain. From the lame ass Twitter announcements to the thing with the flag at the White House, the President just couldn’t get out of his own way in responding to the death of McCain. Yes, they were political rivals and there was still hostility between the two, but Trump fucked up when he couldn’t just do what any other President would have done (condolences to the family, the country was better for having McCain in office, he was an American hero, etc.). And it would have been so easy to do. The President couldn’t do it, though.

Why is this kind of shit so hard for this guy, especially now? Why hasn’t he figured this shit out yet?


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