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The 411 Dumpster Fire of the Week: Donald Trump

July 22, 2019 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz
Donald Trump

The 411mania Dumpster Fire of the Week

Hello, everyone, and welcome to The 411 Dumpster Fire of the Week. I’m Bryan Kristopowitz.

With the recent announcement that Mahershala Ali is set to be the new vampire killing daywalker Blade in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s time to accept that we’re never going to get another Blade movie starring Wesley Snipes.


And that stinks.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Ali will do a good job as the half-human/half-vampire character, and I look forward to what both he and the Marvel Cinematic Universe can and will do with the property that essentially set the groundwork for the MCU back in 1998 with Blade, directed by Stephen Norrington, but I really wanted to see Snipes get at least one more chance to put on the sunglasses, the trenchocat, the guns, and the sword, and kick bloodsucker ass. After the disaster that was Blade: Trinity, it still seems wrong that Snipes didn’t get to do a third good Blade movie.

Oh, well, at least we’ll always still have Blade and Blade II. Those movies were, and always will be, fucking awesome.

Maybe Snipes will get to be the bad guy in the new Blade? Or Whistler? That would be cool, wouldn’t it? That would make up for the lack of a third good Blade/Snipes movie. Right? Right?

Anyone else both happy that Marvel is making another Blade and disappointed that Snipes isn’t going to get to be Blade again?

And now onto this week’s Dumpster Fire of the Week.


This week, the 411 Dumpster Fire of the Week goes to Dumpster Fire Hall of Famer, 2018 Dumpster Fire of the Year, and (Jesus Christ) 45th President of the United States Donald Trump, , for his recent claim that he didn’t like the “send her back” chants at a political rally in North Carolina. The chant, which the crowd started up after the President made remarks about Minnesota Congressperson Ilhan Omar, was reminiscent of a tweet Trump made concerning Omar and her fellow “The Squad” members, Congresspeople Ayanna Pressley (Massachusetts), Rashida Tlaib (Michigan), and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York) and their “hatred” of America and telling them to “go back to where they came from.” During a sort of press event thing, the President told reporters that he was “not happy” with the chant, that he tried to stop it/get the crowd to move on from it, and that he really had nothing to do with it.

Yes, that’s what the President claimed. He had nothing to do with the crowd chanting “Send her back.” His exact words were “I didn’t say that, they did.” Nonsense? Of course. The President is right in saying that he didn’t say “send her back” at the rally, but it’s disingenuous to say that he had nothing to do with it, in total. If he hadn’t said that the Squad should “go back to where they came from,” the crowd sure as hell wouldn’t have chanted “Send her back” at the rally. Why would they have?

As for the President’s claim that he “tried to get the crowd to move on” from the chant, if you look at the video (and if you watched any political news talk programs this week you saw this video) the President paused to listen to the crowd chant for over ten seconds and then continued on. He didn’t keep talking over the crowd to try to “change the subject.” The President didn’t wave his hands at the crowd, telling them to stop. The President didn’t say “No, no, don’t do that,” or anything resembling that. The President allowed the chant to go on.

As for the President’s claim that he didn’t like it, there’s absolutely no reason for me to believe that that’s true in any way whatsoever. And if you look at how he’s responded to the controversy surrounding his claim that he didn’t like the chant, it’s obvious that he liked it, he approves of it, and he’s probably going to make it a part of his “stump speech” going forward. He’s already started a second part to this bullshit, where he wants Omar and the other members of “The Squad” to “apologize to America” because “they hate America and Israel,” which is just nonsense.

So where does this story go from here? Who knows? The only thing I’m certain of is that the President will say something horrible and racist and nasty and terrible, he will be called out for it, and he will both deny that he said anything and then embrace what he said and the ensuing chaos and adulation that it causes because he fucking said it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have a racist asshole for President? And, shit, wouldn’t it be nice if, for one fucking day, that the President didn’t say or do anything that was racist or awful? I guess we’ll have to wait for 2025 to see that again… if America still exists by then.

Evidence means nothing. Reality means nothing.

The world really is a lost place, isn’t it?

Jesus Christ.


And now for this week’s honorable mentions…

Rand Paul, U.S. Senator from Kentucky, for his sudden need to “find the money” for 9/11 first responders. Oh, sure, Paul has always been a fiscal hawk, except when he decided to vote for the Trump tax cut, which is set to add, at least, $1 trillion to the deficit and God knows how much to the debt. Doing something that is perfectly okay, according to Paul. I think it’s high time that Paul, along with all of the other “libertarian-minded” Republican conservatives/”independents” accept the reality that, deep down, they’re all just cruel fucking assholes who get off on being cruel fucking assholes. They can’t help themselves.

Kris Kobach, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate of Kansas, for for saying that he still might support President Trump in the event that Trump announced that he was, indeed, a racist. And Kobach said it while talking with Chris Cuomo on CNN, proving that, at least when it comes to Kris Kobach he is, without question, a white supremacist. Shouldn’t that disqualify him from being a U.S. Senator from anywhere?

This is America, folks. At this very moment. This really is America.

-Former pro wrestler and Fox Nation show host Tyrus, for the sexually charged messages he apparently sent to his now former co-host Britt McHenry. Just go ahead and read the story at the link and wonder, like I did, how the hell Fox Nation just didn’t cut ties with him and find some other personality to host a show? You know, someone who doesn’t send messages to fellow employees like “keep being negative and I’ll send you another dick pic.”

The city of Berkley, California, for its recent vote regarding changing “gender specific” words within the city code to “promote inclusivity.” While it makes sense to change things like “firemen” to “firefighters” and “chairman” to “chairperson,” is changing “manhole” to “maintenance hole” and “sorority and fraternity” to “Collegiate Greek system residence” really going to make a non-gender binary person feel more included in the world? I seriously doubt it.

Check out what George Carlin said about this kind of thing way back in 1990. Start listening closely at around five minutes in. It’s quite enlightening.


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