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The 411 Movies Top 5: The Top 5 Upcoming Comic Book Movies

May 8, 2016 | Posted by Shawn S. Lealos

The 411 Movies Top 5: Hello everyone and welcome to 411 Movies Top 5 List. We take a topic each week and all the writers here on 411 wrestling will have the ability to participate and give us their Top 5 on said topic. So, onto this week’s topic…

The Top 5 Upcoming Comic Book Movies

5. WOLVERINE 3 – The first solo Wolverine was a goddamn disaster, the second one was too long and focused on the wrong things (why did Wolverine just fight ninjas and leave it at that?). This third one, set to be Hugh Jackman’s last time wearing the adamantium claws, will hopefully kick ass because it’s absolutely insane to think that one of the greatest comic book characters of all time will end up with three mediocre movies. Jackman, director James Mangold, and everyone else involved need to figure out how to make this work and make it awesome. And, no, the world doesn’t necessarily need an R rated Wolverine movie. It would work, theoretically, because Wolverine in berserker rage is an R rated scenario. But it doesn’t have to be.

4. KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE – I have no idea what a sequel to Kingsman will entail, but I’m board for whatever the people behind it want to do. Will the movie continue with the early James Bond style that was sort of established in the first movie, or will it go in a different direction entirely? And what will the world look like in this sequel since so many world leaders blew up at the end of the first one? And it will be interesting to see how Colin Firth comes back. If he isn’t dead then what is he?

3. WONDER WOMAN – Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman was one of the few real awesome things in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and it’ll be cool to see her in her own movie, kicking ass and whatnot. I’m not totally onboard with the sort of origin story that Warner Bros is apparently doing, or, ultimately, the period setting, but I’m also willing to be surprised by the whole thing. And if it works out, we’ll get to see Gadot in the Justice League movies and a Wonder Woman 2, which, I’m assuming, will take place in “modern” times. Will we get to see that invisible jet thing in the movie?

2. AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR – I’m just using Infinity War as the catch all for the next Avengers movies which are going to tell one big story to sort of finish off the first three phases of Marvel’s movie efforts. I read on some website that Infinity War will be two separate movies and end up with two different titles, but let’s face it, it’s going to be one big story told over two movies. What the heck is the MCU going to look like by the time Infinity War happens? Black Panther and Dr. Strange will be part of the MCU by then, and I’m going to assume that the Guardians of the Galaxy characters will be involved somehow. We know that Thanos will be the big villain of the story. How the heck is this going to work itself out? I can’t wait to find out.

1. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR – This is, obviously, the next big comic book movie and will set the stage for everything else, leading up to Infinity War. How will the skirmish between Captain America and Iron Man work itself out? Will the MCU be so damaged by the end of the movie that Earth will be easy pickings for Thanos? And how will this set up the next Thor movie? Will anyone ever figure out that Odin isn’t Odin anymore? I’m not going to be able to see this movie on its opening weekend, but I will see it as soon as possible because, well, as a nerd, I need to see what happens next.

Shawn S. Lealos
5. Doctor Strange – Doctor Strange is supposed to be the Iron Man character for the next era of Marvel movies, and if that is true, I am excited. I was never a huge Doctor Strange fan when it came to his solo adventures, but I do make an exception for his origin story, which is one of the best in comics. This movie should be fantastic, with the mystical world and all the trippy horror stuff making it very different from other Marvel movies. If this leads him to leading his own team, I get memories of The Defenders from the comics, and that makes me smile. Yeah, this one is gonna be great.

4. Black Panther – I have heard amazing things about Black Panther’s role in Civil War, and that has be even more excited about his solo movie in 2018. He is a very interesting character and there is so much they can do with him in his movie. Honestly, I am holding out hope that if Panther is successful (which it should be), it will open up more chances for Marvel Knights characters to appear on the big screen, although I love what Netflix is doing with them. I believe Black Panther will be great and cannot wait to see him in his own movie.

3. Suicide Squad – I didn’t hate Batman V Superman, and no one’s arguments has swayed me from that. With that said, my excitement for Suicide Squad has no dipped either. I think it is going to be a load of fun (even if everyone is convinced that DC movies are “no-fun movies” by studio orders). The trailer alone has me convinced that rumor is bullshit. This movie looks fantastic and I can’t wait to take that ride later this year.

2. X-Men: Apocalypse – I absolutely loved X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past, so I can’t wait to see what they do with Apocalypse. Honestly, as a huge Marvel fan my entire life, I was jacked to see The Hellfire Club and then the Future Past storyline play out on the big screen, and now I am even more excited because Apocalypse is like the biggest of the bad’s for the team. Yeah, I don’t care what the whiners are saying about Apocalypse’s voice and whatnot, because Bryan Singer has never failed me in the three movies he has directed for the X-Men and they have been on a roll since First Class. Yeah, I am all-in.

1. The Avengers: Infinity War – I do not have Civil War here because I am seeing it this weekend, so I just left it off for that reason. Also, I hate the storyline from the comics, but I am giving it a chance. However, the entire huge story of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes trying to stop Thanos is something I can really get behind. These two movies, which are supposed to get new names, are going to be great, but I will go for the second of the two movies just because I think that movie is going to be balls-to-the-wall action and is what everything has been leading to anyway.


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