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The 411 Movie/TV Year-End Awards: Part Ten – The Best Action/Horror Film of 2016

January 27, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

The 411 Movie & TV Year-End Awards continue! Over the next week we are continuing our look at the greatest in television and film for 2016. Each day will have a topic that the 411 staff will have the opportunity to provide a top 5 for. In the end the rankings are compiled for the final 411 top 5 list in that category. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Wednesday Lee Friday

5. Don’t Breathe
4. 2 Lava 2 Lantula
3. 47 Meters Down
2. 10 Cloverfield Lane

1. The Witch: Every horror fan you know has probably told you that The VVitch is the best horror movie of the year. It’s 2016’s It Follows or The Babadook, the film no one can shut up about. And why not? It’s delightfully atmospheric with a fantastic cast that includes a couple Game of Thrones actors and the scariest goat you’ll ever see. Normally I want to take evil animals home with me, but I wouldn’t want to be in the same county as Black Philip. Paranoid religious hysteria, matricide, witchcraft, cursed children—this movie has everything. Def my pick for horror film of the year.

Bryan Kristopowitz

5. The Mechanic: Resurrection
4. Captain America: Civil War
3. London Has Fallen
2. The Purge: Election Year

1. Massacre on Aisle 12: Massacre on Aisle 12 is a B-movie horror comedy classic that absolutely needs to be seen. It hasn’t received a wide release as of yet, but when it does, good God you need to make an effort to see it. It’s a movie about a group of people working in a hardware store on Christmas Eve who come across a dead body and a bag full of money. What should they do? Should they call the cops or just keep the money? They split into groups, with some wanting to keep the money and some wanting to contact the authorities, and funny, bloody stuff ensues. I can’t wait to see it again and I can’t wait for more people to see it. You will be talking about it with your friends afterwards. It really is one of those kinds of movies.

Michael Ornelas

5. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
4. Don’t Breathe
3. The Neon Demon
2. Kubo & the Two Strings

1. Moana – I guess this movie is classified as “Action-Adventure” and seeing as we don’t have an animated category, it goes here by default. After much deliberation, Disney’s latest offering actually ended up as my overall #1 movie of the year, in a tough race with Fences and my number 2 in this category. Moana is a beautiful story about fulfilling one’s destiny and that theme will always resonate with me. From the start, Moana knows exactly who she is and has obstacles preventing her from achieving that. Eventually she’s forced on the adventure that only she’s equipped to handle and, with collaboration from Maui, played by The Rock, she’s able to achieve her mission…but not in the way she expected. The movie is just as much a journey inwardly as it is outwardly, and it maintains a sense of wonder, fun, and has gorgeous music to go along with it. And the visuals…oh my goodness the visuals. It’s hard not to gush, but it’s such a beautiful movie-going experience from start to finish and it is unapologetically my favorite movie of the year.

Joseph Lee

5. The Conjuring 2
4. Hush
3. Captain America: Civil War
2. Deadpool

1. Train to Busan: Well if the category is action/horror, it’s hard to pick a better representative than a film that embodies both genres at once. This is one of the best zombie films in the past five years. It’s the movie that World War Z, which also tried to make an action horror piece about the undead, wishes it could be. The movie is equal parts thrilling set pieces and creepy moments, managing to navigate two different styles without feeling uneven. This is available now on streaming rental services like VUDU and Amazon, so you should definitely check it out.

Jeffrey Harris

5. The Accountant
4. Don’t Breathe
3. Doctor Strange
2. Deadpool

1. Captain America: Civil War: It’s hard to quantify what the best action movies are, since the movies you would normally qualify as action movies as 2016 were a lot of garbage. Now, do a lot of comic book superhero movies fit the mold of big action movies? More often then not, yes, especially ones from Marvel Studios. As a result, The Winter Soldier fits the bill. Now, I do have my issues with The Winter Soldier, but it was pretty impressive to watch. Not to mention, the use of Arri/IMAX cameras for a lot of the action scenes, like the airport sequence, which was an insane sequence involving a ton of heroes and also the new Marvel version of Spider-Man. It all culminated in a heart-wrenching battle between Cap and Iron Man.

Aaron Hubbard

5. Star Trek Beyond
4. The Neon Demon
3. Moana
2. Captain America: Civil War

1. Kubo and the Two Strings: I’m glad for the criteria change because if this was still “blockbusters” I couldn’t nominate this gem. Laika Studios is an amazing company, but their stop motion animation gets pushed to incredible new heights in this adventure story. I can’t recommend this enough.

Daniel Alvarez

5. Shin Godzilla
4. Star Trek Beyond
3. Doctor Strange
2. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

1. Captain America: Civil War: Civil War is Marvel’s most fun film since the original Avengers. The famous airport battle could be the greatest comic book fight scene to date. Even though it features just about all the characters to date, it is at its core a Captain America story. Chris Evans gives his best performance yet. All of the dialogue is engaging, especially when the heroes debate the infamous Registration Act. Civil War sets the bar incredibly high for Avengers: Infinity War.

Rob Faint

5. Suicide Squad
4. Jason Bourne
3. Doctor Strange
2. Deadpool
1. Captain America: Civil War: Sorry, I am not much of a horror fan so I concentrated on action. My apologies to the horror fans. I loved this movie; the action scenes made me giggle like a little boy. The Black Panther is a welcome edition to the Marvel U. And Spider-Man! Spider-Man and the Avengers! I can’t wait for more.

Jeremy Thomas

5. Don’t Breathe
4. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
3. Kubo and the Two Strings
2. Deadpool

1. Captain America: Civil War: Marvel doesn’t always make perfect films, but it’s safe to say they’re a well-oiled machine by now and Civil War is the perfect example of that. The story by Joe and Anthony Russo very effectively riffs off of its controversial source material, adapting it for the continuity of the MCU and bringing several new players into the game. It’s difficult for any film to juggle as many characters as Civil War does but the Russos not only give each character their appropriate screen time, they even find enough time to give the new players like Black Panther and Spider-Man near-perfect introductions. The story is topical in surprisingly subtle ways and the action scenes are pure geek joy; the battle at the airport stands as perhaps the most comic book-y fight scene of all time (in a good way). It shakes up the status quo a bit to great effect and sets the stage for more to come, which pushes it to the top of 2016’s action and horror films by a nose.


5. Moana (8 points)

4. Doctor Strange (9 points)

3. Kubo and the Two Strings (12 points)

2. Deadpool (16 points)

1. Captain America: Civil War (29 points)


* Best Television Actress: Lena Headey – Game of Thrones
* Best Television Actor: Bob Odenkirk – Better Call Saul
* Best New Television Show: Stranger Things
* Best Television Comedy: Ash vs. Evil Dead
* Best Television Drama: Game of Thrones
* Most Anticipated 2017 Show: Game of Thrones (Season Seven)

* Best Film Actress: Viola Davis – Fences
* Best Film Actor: Casey Affleck – Manchester By the Sea
* Best Comedic Film: Deadpool
* Best Dramatic Film: Arrival
* Best Action/Horror Film: Captain America: Civil War
* Most Anticipated 2017 Film: TO BE DETERMINED (January 28th)