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The Flash 3.22 Review – “Infantino Street”

May 16, 2017 | Posted by Daniel Alvarez
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The Flash 3.22 Review – “Infantino Street”  

Here we are with the penultimate episode of The Flash’s third season. The second to last installment of any show always has the tough job of properly building hype for the last installment. Much of the season has been focused on one plot point: the future death of Iris by the blade of Savitar. Team Flash has been going from episode to episode seeking a way to change the future. With the previous episode, it seemed they might have found a solution. That solution is implemented in today’s episode, “Infantino Street.” One couldn’t have asked for a better episode to build anticipation for the final installment.

The intro sets the tone perfectly. We have the words at the bottom: “Twenty-four hours until Iris West dies” alongside an emotional song from AURORA. Throughout the episode there’s a sense of building tension as the day Savitar puts his blade through Iris begins to arrive. Joe gets an emotional scene with his daughter, (though his singing was cringe-worthy) and Barry of course is determined. The Flash’s portrayal has been a bit up and down this season, but in this episode Grant Gustin shines, especially in scenes such as consoling Wally after the latter failed to stop Savitar and in the final scene.

This could be the most serious episode of the season. But not everything is gloomy, because a good amount of the story is dedicated to an awesomely fun team-up with Barry and Captain Cold. So, Barry and Cisco talk with Lyla about A.R.G.U.S. having the one power source they need to fuel the speed force gun. Lyla doesn’t give it to Barry, saying that she can’t trust him after the whole Flashpoint affair. This was an interesting scene to watch, and it leads to Barry making the decision to break into A.R.G.U.S. and steal it. The thing is that A.R.G.U.S. has a meta human dampener, preventing Barry from using his powers. To combat that, Barry decides to go back in time to enlist the help of Leonard Snart.

It could be argued that Barry going back in time to grab Snart is hypocritical since he said he wouldn’t mess with time again. Barry argues that he’s not messing with time since he’s going to put Snart back right where he found him. It’s probably the best reason the show can give. Even if it’s hard for the viewer to accept that reasoning, the fact that we can see a buddy cop duo with Barry and Snart makes up for it. As expected, every scene with them is a treat. There are many highlights, from Snart commenting on the Flash being a thief and their run-in with King Shark. Perhaps the best parts are when Snart talks Barry out of killing King Shark and the final scene with them. Snart tells Barry that he became a hero because of the Flash. It was a great scene, one of the most well written of the entire show.

That covers the middle act of the episode. The final act is Savitar making his move. In a fantastic scene, he tricks H.R. into revealing where Joe took Iris, which was Earth-2. Savitar makes his way to Earth-2. The scene that follows is excellent and tension filled; he beats up Wally and then reveals himself out of armor to Joe and Iris. There’s some great dialogue here, then Savitar takes Iris back to Earth-1. From here, things start to play out as the foreseen future. The big difference is that Barry now has the speed force gun. It seems to work at first, but soon doesn’t as Savitar reveals that being trapped before gave him an idea on how to beat it. What happens next is the now iconic sequence with Savitar rising his blade to Iris. Though we’ve heard his oncoming dialogue before, it’s even more powerful here: “Finally I am free of you!” We can see Barry’s genuine pleading as Savitar says “You lose Barry” before putting the blade through Iris. The death scene is handled perfectly, with Iris’ video journal entry to Barry and emotional music playing in the background. It’s amazing to think that despite everything that the team did, they couldn’t change the future; it was all for nothing. This entire sequence was five star television.

On some last notes, Tracy is still unfortunately a non-character and seems to only be there as a romance interest for H.R. The scene with H.R. asking her to join the team felt like complete filler. H.R. continues to be an annoyance, as viewers later have to sit through his self-pity dialogue. These scenes are a small part of the episode thankfully. Also, before Barry and Snart can escape from A.R.G.U.S., Lyla catches them. She decides then to give Barry the power source. It’s a bit anti-climatic, because it feels like she should have just done that to begin with. The main cliffhanger is of course Iris beings stabbed and falling in Barry’s arms. This perfectly sets up the final episode. Unless the show pulls a cop-out, there shouldn’t be a way to bring Iris back. The other cliffhanger is Cisco dueling it out with Killer Frost. There’s a lot to look forward to next week.

Overall, “Infantino Street” is an excellent episode. It features an immensely fun team-up with Barry and Snart. Then there’s the final act, with Savitar cementing himself as one of the show’s best characters. The final act is well done and might be the best written part of the entire show. There are some filler aspects stopping this episode from getting a perfect score, but they’re minor. Season Three looks to end on a high note.

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The second to last episode of The Flash's third season is here, and it's excellent. The team-up with Barry and Captain Cold was a lot of fun, and the final act was powerful. Savitar proves himself to be one of the greatest antagonists in the show. The stage is set for what should be an epic finale.