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The Flash 4.6 Review – “When Harry Met Harry…”

November 15, 2017 | Posted by Daniel Alvarez
The Flash - When Harry Met Harry...
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The Flash 4.6 Review – “When Harry Met Harry…”  

There are two types of comedy. The first type is genuine comedy that makes one laugh. The other type is forced, cringe-worthy comedy where you’re laughing…not at the scene, but at how laughably bad it is. The second type of comedy is prevalent in this week’s episode of The Flash, titled “When Harry Met Harry…” Season 4 started off stellar, then began to be mediocre. Last week’s episode featured some painful scenes, but also had the engaging Killer Frost storyline. There’s little to nothing engaging in today’s episode.

It begins with Barry and Ralph talking after getting coffee from CC Jitters. They are threatened by a mugger, and this is when the viewer gets the hint that this episode’s writing is going to drop fast. Barry has Ralph turn around so they can contemplate on how Ralph can demonstrate how to be a hero. Meanwhile, the mugger shouts, “Hey, I’m still robbing you guys!” So, the mugger ends up shooting Ralph, but thanks to Ralph’s stretchy ability, the bullets ricochet, one of them striking the mugger’s behind. I honestly can’t comprehend why anyone making this episode thought this was good comedy. The acting is terrible and a preview of what’s to come later.

Since we just brought up Ralph, let’s make this paragraph focus on him. He was interesting enough in his debut episode, but quickly became the show’s worst character. Here he’s constantly being sarcastic and comedic. But don’t we already have Cisco for that? According to Barry later in the episode, he sees a hero in Ralph. Did you get that impression? In the middle act, Ralph decides to go after the villain instead of rescuing a little girl. The girl as a result is put in the hospital. Barry’s reaction is surprisingly calm, almost sympathetic with Ralph. Yes, Ralph does get character development and even visits the girl later on for a touching scene. But everything that came before was just painful. Ralph’s ability makes for some cool effects (him covering the snout of a T-Rex skeleton was something straight out of a comic book), but so far the writing hasn’t shown why he’s essential to the cast.

A big focus of the episode is on Harry summoning his “friends” to help search for DeVoe. It turns out those friends are versions of himself from different Earths. The second type of comedy comes back to haunt the episode as these Wells don’t contribute much besides unfunny dialogue. Yes, in the end, they help find out where DeVoe is; but the writing could have found a better way of accomplishing this. Yes, Harry does get development through this as Cisco makes him aware that the other three Wells share traits of his personality. That’s interesting, but it doesn’t help the painful comedy from the other Wells. At the very least, the Harry/Cisco dynamic continues to be a fun one.

The villain of the week this time is Nina Chatya, aka Black Bison. Her meta human ability is interesting: she’s able to bring to life certain objects. This leads to some colorful battles. The middle act battle with the caveman against Barry was fun. Even better was the climax when Nina decided to homage Night at the Museum and brought to life a T-Rex skeleton. That was one of the few highlights of the episode. Nina as a character is better than Shade for example, and actually has an engaging motivation: she wants to bring sacred objects back to her people. In the end though, she serves as just another distraction until team Flash can clash with DeVoe.

On one last note, the cliffhanger was interesting. So, the team finally knows which DeVoe they’re looking for, and that’s “Clifford DeVoe.” Barry and Joe arrive at the house. Harry is hiding with a laser gun ready. Cisco is ready at S.T.A.R. Labs to vibe he and Caitlin to the scene if things get heated. The “wife” of DeVoe answers the door, and soon Barry meets DeVoe. DeVoe however looks much more human and frail than his Borg-inspired appearance we’ve been seeing. We should have a very interesting episode for next week.

Overall, this was easily the weakest episode of the season, and maybe the show. The problem is the writing’s reliance on forced comedy. The Flash should be known for its compelling storylines, not what we saw here today. Ralph’s character is annoying and so far unneeded. (Hopefully they’ll give him a real costume soon.) Barry had some good dialogue, as he discussed with Ralph about what being a hero looks like. The Harry/Cisco dynamic continues to be fun. But, the “Council of Wells” ended up being a dud. The action was good at the very least.

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The writing in this one was pretty bad most of the time sadly. The opening scene was one of the most poorly acted things I've seen in awhile. Ralph continues to showcase how unneeded he is in the show. The "Council of Wells" was more grating than endearing. At least the action was fun.