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The Gratuitous B-Movie Column: Slime City

September 14, 2016 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz

The Gratuitous B-Movie Column Issue #375: Slime City

Hello, everyone, and welcome once again to the internets movie review column that has never been accosted by slime in any way, The Gratuitous B-Movie Column, and I am your host Bryan Kristopowitz. In this issue, issue number three hundred and seventy-five, I take a look at the low budget splatter horror classic Slime City, which debuted at the tail end of the 1980’s (1988, 1989, something like that).

Slime City


Slime City, written and directed by Greg Lamberson, is a movie that I first saw way back in the early 1990’s, although I can’t remember exactly how I saw it. I either rented it from a now very defunct video store, or a friend rented it/bought it from a different yet equally now very defunct video store (or from some other place). And I only saw it that one time, along with a few other horror movies (I do remember seeing The Evil Dead and Troma’s War for the first time in that same time period, either on that same weekend as Slime City or a few days afterwards. Or maybe it was before Slime City. Memories fade after twenty-five years). I remember Slime City being kind of weird and absolutely disgusting (in a good way, obviously). I distinctly remember the gut busting splatter ending. But that was all I remembered. And then, a little over a year ago, while going through some trailers on youtube for some reason, I saw a trailer for Slime City and realized “I sort of know that movie! I saw that in the 1990’s!” And then, roughly a year ago, I bought a copy of the movie at a convention and then watched it a few days later. And here I am now, roughly a year later after all of that, finally reviewing it.

So, how is it? Is it still just as weird and disgusting as it was back in the early 1990’s? Is it something worth tracking down and checking out, either again or for the first time? Absofuckinglutely.

Slime City stars Robert C. Sabin as Alex, a sort of mild mannered art student in New York City looking for a decent apartment to stay in so he can do his art work in peace and, maybe, bang his girlfriend. When we first see Alex he’s checking out an apartment in a building run by two old women (Lizzy, as played by Jane Roniger Deibel, and Ruby, as played by Bunny Levine). It’s a generally nice place that has everything he needs. In fact, Alex’s girlfriend Lori (Mary Huner), who Alex brings along on his apartment hunting escapade, likes the place, too. Alex quickly decides to rent the place, although Lori, despite liking the place, isn’t too keen on staying there overnight. Alex isn’t discouraged, though, by Lori’s initial refusal to spend the night there. He figures that she’ll come around to the idea. And besides, he’s got art work stuff to do.

So Alex moves in and quickly becomes acquainted with his neighbor Nicole (Huner in a dual role), a hot, mysterious sort of punk leather chick who really wants to get it on with Alex. Alex also meets Nicole’s friend Roman (Dennis Embry), a sort of leather stoner douchebag who claims to be a poet writing a poem one line a year. Nicole and Roman are weird, sure, but they’re also sort of friendly and not the kind of tenants Alex expected to see in the building (he thought it was going to be all old people). One night, Roman asks Alex if he would like to come over for dinner. Alex agrees and proceeds to eat a bizarre green pudding/yogurt/goo substance that Roman refers to as “Himalayan yogurt.” Alex also shares a bottle of green liquid with Roman that, I assume, Alex believes is some sort of alcohol. After consuming Roman’s weird dinner, Alex meets up with Nicole and proceeds to have fully clothed sex on the floor of her apartment. The sex leads to a black and white dream that has Alex meeting with a weird guy named Zachary. Zachary wears a black robe and sort of looks like a demon. Why the hell would Alex have a dream, in black and white, about this guy?

The next morning, Alex wakes up in his bed and finds himself covered in some sort of goo. He leaves his apartment to clear his head, get something to eat and drink, and figure out what the hell is going on. Because, really, what the hell is going on? Why is he covered in goo? What’s happening to his skin (it looks like he’s covered in pizza cheese)? And why the hell is he barfing a dark green liquid? Before he can figure it all out, Alex goes bat shit and kills an annoying homeless panhandler with a lead pipe. After bashing the poor man’s head in, Alex’s skin returns to normal and the goo disappears. Where did it go? What the hell is going on?

Well, apparently, the Himalayan yogurt is some sort of demonic elixir created by Zachary, who used to run a cult in the building and who committed group suicide with his followers in the basement. After eating the yogurt, Alex is possessed with the need to continue eating the yogurt, drinking the green liquid alcohol, and kill random people so he doesn’t turn into a full on drippy mess. Roman knew what he was doing, as did Nicole. The old women are in on it somehow, too.

Now, what’s amazing about Slime City is that once Alex finds out what’s going on and we, the audience, finds out what’s going on, the movie doesn’t become a body count movie. We do see Alex kill a few more people to satiate his demonic yogurt needs, but it’s not like Alex becomes a killing machine hell bent on making sure his skin remains smooth. I really thought that we’d see him run through several prostitutes and or homeless people, but he doesn’t. I’d imagine that if Slime City was made today we’d see that happen. Instead of a body count, we see Alex struggle with his new demons. He wants to continue his relationship with Lori but how the hell is he going to do that if he needs to kill people to make sure he doesn’t turn into a pile of ick? How is he going to keep it all together? And how is he going to rid himself of that demonic yogurt presence? I can’t necessarily say that this is the best strategy as I’m sure director Lamberson and company would have come up with some badass/deplorable kill scenes (the ones we do get are gnarly as all hooha) and I would have loved to see them. But the inner struggle is interesting because, regardless of the decade and budget, it’s something we don’t expect to see in a splatter movie (well, at least I didn’t expect to see it).

I was also surprised by the flick’s total lack of nudity. I figured that once the Nicole character showed up and the movie let on that she was part of some sort of occult what-have-you that she would be walking around naked for no reason in at least one scene. That, obviously, didn’t happen. The lack of nudity doesn’t kill the movie or anything like that, but, and this could just be me, it just seems strange. Don’t occult weirdoes do that kind of thing?

The special effects are nasty, gory, and absolutely disgusting. Blood flows freely, and the glistening slime pizza cheese make-up on Sabin’s Alex is enough to make you queasy if you find yourself watching this movie while also munching on a large sausage pizza (or, really, any pizza). The green throw up isn’t as disgusting as it could have been, but then when Alex’s slime turns yellow and starts dripping everywhere you will be saying “yuck” out loud. I did. Multiple times. It was lovely.

The music, by Robert Tomaro, is bizarre and, at times, catchy. The main theme is the kind of theme that, if you hear it a few times, you’ll start humming it uncontrollably. The rest of the flick’s music shifts between music that sounds like it’s from a 1980’s video game to something John Carpenter might have done early in his career to something Troma would have in one of its movies. The music certainly helps make all of the weird stuff that much weirder. Great stuff.

The performances are all generally good. Sabin is extremely likable as Alex, even when he’s in full on slime monster mode and starts killing people. You don’t want to see him succumb to the demonic forces inside of him. And Huner does a fine job as both Lori and Nicole. I had no idea that Huner played both characters until I saw her name next to both “Lori” and “Nicole” in the end credits. She makes both characters their own thing and it’s astonishing, in retrospect, that she’s actually both people.

T.J. Merrick’s Jerry is the kind of funny douchebag character that these kinds of movies thrive on. The movie could have used more of him. His “nose blowing” sequence is hilarious. And Dennis Embry makes Roman the kind of stoner douchebag you expect to see in this kind of movie. You’re never really sure if he’s in on anything despite doing everything that we see him do. I think I’d like to watch him figure out what he wants to watch on TV on any given night. What the heck would he want to watch?

The only character that really doesn’t work is Detective Irish, as played by Dick Biel. He really doesn’t have anything to do beyond ask Alex questions, and when he’s done doing that he doesn’t do anything else. I’m not even entirely sure the man has an actual police badge.

Slime City does drag every now and then. The movie is never boring but there are moments where you get the feeling that, in a perfect world, it should be going faster. The sound tends to get soft every now and then and you have to turn up the volume quite a bit to hear what the characters are saying. And what’s the deal with all of the stairs in Alex’s building? Even with those issues, Slime City is a hoot of a mega low budget horror flick. It’s a splatter classic that delivers the goods when it needs to and makes the most of what it has to work with. It’s much better than I remember it being, which is always a plus when you’re watching something you know that you saw years ago but don’t completely remember. If you’re a horror movie nerd and you haven’t seen Slime City you need to see it. And if you haven’t seen it in a while, you need to track it down and check it out again. It’s very much worth seeing.

See Slime City. See it, see it, see it. It’s a true mega low budget horror classic.


So what do we have here?

Dead bodies: 5

Explosions: None, unless you want to count some of the blood spray scenes. It’s up to you.

Nudity?: None.

Doobage: Dragging a mattress up several flights of stairs, a hot neighbor, art, a badass old video store, multiple bowls of multi-colored yogurt, sex with no nudity, goo, a pocket full of change, pizza cheese skin, green barf, lead pipe to the head with blood spray and chunks of red goo, jacket washing in the sink, jars of red liquid, a basement full of strange stuff, a ham dinner, slime dripping, a hot Asian hooker, soiled bandages, throat slashing, straight razor hooey, psychic medium hooey, a red cardboard box, cop hooey, red underwear, a dog skull, attempted stabbing, mutant gut eating a man’s arm with blood spray, serious deformities, serious head bashing, a couch make out session, off screen sex, a hard massage, fork to the chest, a very gross slime kiss, gut stabbing with massive gut spill, guts that looks like hot dogs and scrambled eggs covered in pink dish soap, knife to the chest, meat cleaver to the side of the neck, a vicious decapitation, bloody arm removal, a headless body attack, hand removal, knife through the head, a crawling brain, and brain chopping.

Kim Richards?: None.

Gratuitous: Old apartment building in New York City, old people, a hot neighbor, girlfriend drawing, 1980’s punk weirdoes, moaning in the next apartment, guy rooting around in the garbage, a badass old video store, multi-colored yogurt, green liquor, pennies on the nightstand, cat, running up stairs, Tupperware filled with more multi-colored yogurt, magazine time, a garbage bag filled with a dismembered human body, an old book, an Irish cop, video tape delivery, street gang, and off screen sex.

Best lines: “Well, what do you think? Well, it couldn’t be any worse than the last one,” “No roaches in the fridge this time,” “You slime,” “Hey, uh, Alex, do you want a roommate?,” “Hey, am I a zombie here?,” “What is this stuff anyway? Himalayan yogurt,” “Hey, go somewhere else if you’re going to do that. Show a little respect. This is my home,” “I don’t understand any of this,” “I’m only doing this until I graduate,” “You crazy bastard!,” “How many people have you killed? I stopped counting long ago,” “You whore!,” “Alex! Wait! Why? So a Satanist who’s been dead for thirty years can take over my body while I fuck you? No thanks!,” “I see naked bodies engaged in unspeakable acts!,” “Don’t touch me!,” “What are you doing?,” “Bitch!,” “What are you doing down here?,” “It is called ectoplasm,” “You can’t resist the elixir!,” “What’s the big deal about one missing whore?,” “Hey, kid, drink some water. A kid like you shouldn’t sweat so much,” “What’s your hurry, homeboy?,” “Come on, freak! I need some money! So get a job!,” “White ass little faggot! I’m gonna fuck your ass up!,” “Yuck. And I thought my zits were bad,” “My God will you look at what’s happening to you? I like what’s happening to me,” “You know, it’s just like a woman to lie on her ass while a man does all of the work,” “Careful. Alex, you’re hurting me. No, I’m killing you, just like I killed Jerry,” “You did this to me,” “Stop it, Lori! Stop the pain!,” and “Don’t just sit there! Get up! Get up and kill her!”

Rating: 8.0/10.0


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B-Movie News


Slime City and Slime City Massacre to hit Blu-ray in December: On December 13th, to be exact, the same exact day Greg Lamberson’s Killer Rack will finally appear on home video. The fine folks at Camp Motion Pictures are behind all three releases, and it looks like the Slime City double feature will be loaded with special features. Slime City Massacre is a movie I’ve wanted to see for quite some time (I wanted it to be a part of Debuary: A Month of Debbie Rochon but I could never find a copy of it), and it’ll be nice to have it available again. And I’m going to assume that Slime City’s sound will be beefed up since it’s on Blu-ray. So, if you’re a low budget horror movie nerd this Blu-ray deal is an absolute must have. I know I plan on getting it.


Creepshow 2 to get new Blu-ray from Arrow Video: Creepshow 2 had a pretty sweet DVD from Anchor Bay not that long ago, but this release from Arrow Video may be even sweeter. It looks like it will have more special features, something that the Anchor Bay release seemed to lack (there was a commentary track with director Michael Gornick, there was some sort of featurette on the special make-up effects, and something else that I can’t quite remember at the moment. Maybe an easter egg with more behind-the-scenes stuff on it?). The Arrow cover is super badass, and, well, Arrow always puts out a good product. So, yes, this is a must buy, too when it comes out in December.

New trailer for the next Underworld movie has been revealed: And it’s pretty awesome. I’m a fan of this series, and this fifth movie, Blood Wars, looks like a major improvement over the fourth movie. Star Beckinsale looks great, as usual, and it looks like we’re in for more ridiculously sleek and bloody action. Although will this really be the last one? Do we want it to be the last one? And with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter set to debut at the end of January 2017, is it safe to say that January is going to be insane? Blood Wars is expected to hit cinemas on January 6th, 2017.


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Slime City

Robert C. Sabin– Alex
Mary Huner– Lori
Mary Huner– Nicole
T.J. Merrick– Jerry
Dick Biel– Detective Irish
Jane Doniger Reibel– Lizzy
Bunny Levine– Ruby

Directed by Greg Lamberson
Screenplay by Greg Lamberson

Distributed by Camp Video, Shock-O-Rama Cinema, and Camp Motion Pictures

Runtime– 81 minutes

Buy it here or here