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The Office Ranks as One of Netflix’s Top Five Most-Watched Shows

January 24, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
The Office

According to NBC Entertainment co-chairman George Cheeks, The Office remains one of Netflix’s five most-watched shows. Cheeks told THR that the show remains one of the service’s most-watched offerings despite being available there for a decade.

The article doesn’t specifically mention whether Cheeks means the top five shows overall, or is specific in regard to licensed (non-original) shows. Cheeks also said that NBC properties currently located on other platforms will be judged on whether they will be included on the new service in a case-by-case basis. Likely that has to do with much much the licensing fee is. Netflix recently signed a deal with Warner Bros. TV for example to keep Friends on the service through the end of the year for a reported $100 million, which is the kind of price that content providers are unlikely to turn down.

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