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The Slasher Movie Encyclopedia – Friday The 13th Part VI – Jason Lives

October 25, 2015 | Posted by Caliber Winfield
Friday The 13th Part VI - Jason Lives


Greetings, all. As always, before we get to the action we hear from you, the beautiful people, the members of Team Caliber’s Team.

TheRulersBack:Great read, man. I think this film has the best kills in the series. It’s so bad but in a good way like you said. I laugh everytime the teens would run or make a break for a doorway & Jason was already there. Also, is it just me or does the teacher look like that creepy old guy from Unsolved Mysteries? Also, what are your thoughts on the new Friday the 13th game coming out next year?

Thanks, Ruler, I appreciate the kind words. Robert Stack? Yeah, you know what, he does look like Stack. But I don’t know if Stack could rock the scowl as well. As for the video game, it sounds interesting, especially since Kane is returning as Jason. However, has there ever been a successful fan-funded video game? They need quite a bit of money from my understanding, so I’ll honestly be surprised if we ever see it come to furuition. We’re more than likely going to be stuck with the NES version as the standard for all Friday The 13th video games. Man, that fucker was IMPOSSIBLE.

mayo862004:I enjoyed this movie for, if nothing else, the ridiculous idiocy in the direction. The teleportation jason does is fantastic and the way the movie treats new york city is fantastic. I was really young the one time i went but i don’t remember the barrels of toxic waste just hanging around and flushing the sewers with it every night seems… Unsafe lol.

Yeah, you know Jason seemed to have a bit of teleportation going on in The New Blood. But it was rampant here in Part 8, and they just flat out didn’t care to explain any of it. And toxic-waste seemed to be every where you turned in New York City, I don’t know how everyone wasn’t mutated.

Alrighty, buckshots, let’s get to the action.


After the Jason-less, black-sheep entry of the series, A New Beginning, Paramount got things back on track with arguably the greatest entry in the entire franchise; Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.

We start off with some fantastic scenic shots; the lake, the woods, all shrouded in fog & darkness. Beautiful & atmospheric. We then see a dog making due with some roadkill before being chased away by Tommy’s pick-up. He’s here with his pal, Hawes, from the Unger Institute. As it goes, Tommy’s visions of Jason won’t stop. The drugs were probably making things bearable until Jason started popping up in Tommy’s fantasies during…you know. Could you imagine that?

[inside Tommy’s fantasy]
Phoenix Marie: Hello, Tommy. You’re one awesome guy who has no mental problems at all. Plus you rule at Zaxon and making Halloween masks. Want to hold hands?
Tommy: That sounds great. Why don’t you come sit ove—
Jason: HOWDY! [sits next to Tommy on the couch]
Tommy: Ah, man…what, no, c’mon! Get out of here, man!
Jason: [grabs the TV remote] Let’s watch some Nick At Nite! YOU TAKE THE GOOD YOU TAKE THE BAD AND DADADADA THERE YOU HAVE, THE FACTS OF LIFE!

I’d be digging up bodies and burning shit too if that happened. Anyway, he thinks the way to solve this problem is to destroy Jason’s body. We’re told in A New Beginning that Jason’s body was cremated, however the writer/director, Tom McLoughlin fixed that by explaining Elias Voorhees, Jason’s father, paid the city to have him buried along with his mother. When they nixed the ending, so went the explanation.
They arrive at the cemetery, which is absolutely gorgeous. Tommy & Hawes get to work digging up Jason, and in no time reach his coffin. You know, they didn’t write the character of Hawes that great, because, c’mon, what friend wouldn’t be bitching about this?

Hawes: Ah, crap, what the hell was I thinking. Look, I don’t mind defiling a corpse, but I thought you’d at least have some equipment out here. Shovels?! You want us to dig a freaking grave plot with SHOVELS? What’s next, man, you gonna ask me to eat the dirt as a way to hide the evidence? After we’re done participating in back-breaking labor for 8 hours do you have an apartment at the top of a 30 story building with no elevator you’d like help moving in to? With a sofa made out of marble that has a fold out bed in it?

When they crank it open and Tommy sees the body of Jason for the first time in 20 years, blood-soaked memories flood his mind, and his only response is to grab a piece of a metal fence and drive it into Jason’s hollow chest over & over. Finally, out of breath & seemingly calmer, Tommy gets out of the coffin and grabs the gasoline to finish what he started. However, before he can put that plan into motion, a lightening bolt rips out of the sky and nails the steel rod that’s connected to Jason, causing Tommy & Hawes to hit the dirt. Just as they get their barrings back, another lightening bolt connects, bringing with it life. Life, to Jason Voorhees.

Tommy heads to the grave to snatch the pole and continue with his mission, but Jason has other plans as he leaps to life and tries to pull Tommy down with him. A definite miss-step in his plan, Tommy grabs the gas and douses Jason, hoping to end this comeback quickly. Unfortunately for him and a few others, the sky opens up and rain dumps down, destroying his matches and hopes for a quick fight. His friend Hawes nails Jason with a shovel, which only serves to get Jason’s attention, as he returns the favor by simply punching out Hawes’ heart. Tommy takes this as his que to get the hell out of there, and heads back to the truck. Jason grabs his mask, Tommy’s gloves, the spear that brought him to life, and heads towards Camp Crystal Lake.
Tommy knows good & well that he fucked up, so he heads to the Police Station where we meet the super-bad ass Sheriff. He’s the kind of bad-ass who’s so manly he has to shave his teeth. He isn’t buying Tommy’s story about Jason, and has him thrown in their jail-cell for the night. Else where, Jason has come across two head counselors who’ve seemingly lost their way. The guy tries to put Jason down with what appears to be a starter pistol or something. Oh no, look out, he’s going to start a race at you! Either way, Jason takes the weak looking gun as an insult, impales the guy and sends him flying before focusing on the driver, Nancy. She begs for her life and offers money. Despite being the 80’s, Jason isn’t into the trappings of wealth, and instead jabs the spear through her open mouth, sticking it into the ground behind her head. It’s a great kill.
The next morning, the Sheriff’s daughter Megan, along with her friends & fellow camp counselors; Cort, Sissy, and Paula, arrive at the station, reporting that the head counselors haven’t shown up. Tommy gets everyone’s attention by saying it’s Jason. The person who’s attention he garners the most is that of Megan, who seems a bit smitten with Jason-slayer, Tommy Jarvis. Once they posse out, the Sheriff has mercy on Tommy and simply decides to escort him to his jurisdiction lines. On the way there, Tommy decides to use this opportunity to prove he’s right, and zips off towards the cemetery. Once there however, they see the grave has been filled in, because the caretaker, Martin, doesn’t want to get in trouble for people coming in and screwing around with Jason, so he filled the grave back up, thinking Hawes’ body was Jason’s. The Sheriff takes Tommy to the edge of Crystal Lake, which is now known as Forrest Green, and bids him adieu.
Elsewhere, a group of business folk are out for a game of paintball, to which Jason decides to join in on. He finds one chap, and throws him so hard into a tree that he rips his arm off. The prize being that he obtains the man’s machete, which to me is insanely odd, because the machete looks like the guy literally spent day and night for 10 years rubbing it with a shining compound. Seriously, I’m 100% sure that this is what was in Marsellus Wallace’s briefcase. Afterwards, he drops out of a tree, which is funny, because I imagine Jason climbing it first, and immediately decapitates three of the remaining players in one guy. It’s a great kill that was unfortunately cut back by the MPAA. When those bodies drop, the last remaining member of the team stands there, witness to it all, and answers back with a paintball to Jason’s chest. I like the gusto here, I really do. It’s very much a ‘never give up’ kind of mentality. I’d give him all the paintballs I had, then if worst came to worst, I’d try to psych him out with that Myagi family kata that Daniel used at the end of Karate Kid part 3.
As the night time comes, Cort is spending a little quality time with an attractive female named Nikki, in her RV. Jason comes along, sees the RV is a rockin’ and promptly breaks the cardinal rule by goin’ a knockin’. He takes out the electricity, prompting Nikki to insist that Cort go out and fix it. I would have promptly reminded her that she has me confused with the Time Life book on RV Repair. They both end up outside and see that it’s more than a simple problem, as Jason ripped the cord out of the socket. They head back into the RV, and a few bars of Teenage Frankenstein later and they’re on the road. Cort’s rockin’ out, while Nikki begins bitching again, prompting Jason to bust out of the bathroom, drag her in, and then shove her face so hard into the mirror connected to the wall that it makes an impression on the outside. Afterwards, Jason promptly stabs Cort in the side of the head with a knife, causing the RV to crash in spectacular fashion. Once still, Jason busts open the door and stands atop the smoldering rubble. How he was able to hold back from doing a front-double bicep pose is beyond me.


Else where, Tommy has gathered a few books on dealing with the dead, and calls the Sheriff to discuss an attack plan. However, Megan is working the phones, and insists on helping. She shows up, and off they go. However, they don’t get far before being chased by the police, which ends up with them looking down the barrel of her father’s shotgun. At the station, Tommy is locked up, and the Sheriff receives a phone call regarding Cort & Nikki. He blames Tommy, however Megan has an alibi for the times of the murder. The Sheriff still isn’t hearing it, and heads out, leaving his deputy in charge.
Back at the camp, Sissy & Paula are getting ready for bed, when Sissy thinks Cort is outside of the cabin, trying to scare her. To exact vengeance, she pours what’s left of a Sprite on him, which has a twist of lemon & lime. Jason then pulls her out of the cabin, and removes her head, with a twist of neck & skull. Another great kill, because Jason looks at the head as if to say “I can do this kind of stuff? Fantastic.” After taking care of a young camper named Nancy, who’s seen Jason mobbing around, Paula returns to her cabin. However, she isn’t alone for long as Jason blows in with the wind and does major fucking damage to her.
Soon after, the Sheriff shows up with a few of his deputies to have a look around,while back at the station Megan & Tommy pull a fast one and get themselves out of the station, and back in action.
One of the deputies is looking around and catches a spike in the head which sends him flying into an empty boat. Another cop is patrolling and finds one of the campers out running around, saying she saw a bad-man. Which bad-man? The one behind him. Jason pops out and crushes this guy’s skull, which would have looked cooler with a bit of brains coming out, but no, the MPAA thought it would turn a whole generation into killers. The Sheriff is running around the camp and taking note of Jason’s handywork, before meeting the man himself. We get a great scene here, as Jason shows off just how much he loves to fuck with people. The Sheriff hits him with a shotgun blast that takes him to the ground, only for him to get back up a few moments later. Another blast, and just like that he’s back on his feet. The Sheriff then unloads his revolver, and much to my surprise, doesn’t also try throwing it at Jason. He then does the sensible thing and runs, quickly hiding in the bushes. Jason gives chase for a moment, but once Megan arrives and starts screaming for her father, his tunnel version is pointed elsewhere. As he heads toward her, the Sheriff leaps up out of his hiding spot, taking it to him full force in order to save his daughter. He gets Jason on his back, grabs a giant rock and crashes it down onto Jason’s skull over and over. As always though, it’s little to no avail, as Jason grabs the Sheriff by his shoulders and begins to bend him backwards. Suddenly, two noises are competing with one another, the sound of the Sheriff’s pain-soaked screams, and all the bones & vertebra in his back snapping as he’s bent back completely in half.
Tommy is getting ready for his battle with Jason, by moving the largest rock on Earth. Seriously, this thing is the size of a freaking Cadillac, and he moves it about 100 feet! If I had done something like that?

[Megan comes rushing out of the woods to my side]
Megan: I was trying to find my dad, but this sounded so urgent, what is it?!
Caliber: Check it out!
Megan: …check what out?
Caliber: The rock!
Megan: What about it?
Caliber: What about it?! Hello, it was at least half a mile down the road, and I freaking brought it here! I’m thinking I could maybe enter a Strong Man or something.
Megan: I can’t….I mean…I can’t believe you….with my dad out there…
Caliber: I know, right? I mean, c’mon, call the kids down here so they can see! Tell’em I got passes to the Outerspace Reptile Exhibit, because [flexes arms] these pythons are out of this world!

Anyway, Tommy rows out into the lake, and provokes Jason by calling him a pussy, and a few other choice terms. Jason storms into the lake, which is a great visual by the way, and comes after Tommy. A few moments pass after Jason submerges underwater, and still no sign of him. So, Tom ups the anty by dumping gas into the water and setting it on fire. Soon, in yet another fantastic visual, Jason leaps out of the water in a fury and does his best to drag Tommy down to the bottom. Resilient as he is, Tommy puts up a fight that eventually ends with Jason breaking the boat in half, and succeeding in his mission to take Tommy down with him. However, he wasn’t the only one that succeeded, as Tommy was able to secure Jason to the rock that has now drug him to the bottom of the lake. There is no fucking way I could have made that happen. Something would have gone wrong, and I would have accidentally got myself wrapped up with him, and the kids would have been asking Megan why it appeared that I was trying to kiss Jason.


Since he has no where to go, Jason insists on company as he holds Tommy underwater until he has no choice but to suck in a few lungs-full of water. Megan races out to help him, and just as she reaches his body, Jason grabs her by the ankle and is insistent on all three of them meeting the same fate. However, she’s able to get free long enough to turn on the boat’s motor and send it crashing into Jason’s face & neck, eventually breaking it and turning out his lights for the time being. She drags Tommy to the shore, where CPR is preformed, and he comes back to life, just barely escaping death.

Slasher Movie Tally:
Killed: 17
Swear Words: 22
Boobies: 0
Slow Motion Scenes: 6
Foot Chase: 3
Fake-Out Scares: 3
Car Stall: 0
Drugs/Drinking/Sex: 1 instance of sex
Warned But No Belief: Many times

Top 3 Death Scenes –
3. Broken Heart – [Jason punches Hawes’ heart out of his chest] – This one is awesome for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s the first kill in the movie, and it literally comes out of no where. On top of that, it’s a kill we’ve never seen before, displaying Jason’s new power, and it looks awesome.

2. Making A Big Impression– [Jason smashes Nikki’s face into the RV bathroom mirror so hard her faces makes a perfect impression via the outside of the RV] – This has always been one of my favorite kills of the entire series. First of all, it looks fantastic, and it’s incredibly original. Beyond that, and despite the fact it’s a bloodless kill, it’s pretty gruesome. Her face was smashed into a plate of glass so hard that her face made a perfect outline. Plus her mouth was open, so she probably ate some glass.

1. Jason’s Yoga For Guys – [Jason bends the Sheriff in half] – Once again we have a bloodless kill, but still one of the series most gruesome. As he does battle with Jason, giving it all he’s got, the Sheriff straddles Jason to smash his face with a giant rock. Soon, Jason tires of it and grabs the Sheriff by the shoulders, and begins to bend him backwards. It’s so well done, because it’s slow, and you hear all the vertebra and such snapping as the Sheriff screams in horror. It’s so damn well done.

Box-Office Business:
Created by Paramount Studios, Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives was made on a budget of 3 million dollars, and released on August 1st, 1986, to 1,610 theaters. Averaging $4,193 per theater, it brought in a total of $6,750,837 during it’s opening weekend, and came in at #2, behind James Cameron’s Aliens. At the end of it’s run, the film brought in a domestic total of $19,472,057.

Things You Need To Know In Order To Survive:
When Tommy opens up Jason’s graves, the hands actually belong to director Tom McLoughlin.

Once Jason opens his eye, you see a maggot fall downward, which obviously means he wasn’t laying down.

Tommy jumps in the truck to flee the graveyard, and the car fires up without a key ever being inserted or turned.

When you see Jason aim for Liz, who happens to be Tom McLoughlin’s wife, Nancy, she darts to the right, and Jason’s spear follows. The actor playing Jason, CJ Graham, was actually suppose to just hit the seat she was sitting in, but accidentally followed her. Nancy was unharmed, and the shot is the one you see in the film.

This is the only Friday film without any nudity.

When Cort is rockin’ out out to Teenage Frankenstein, he turns up the volume, however the volume doesn’t go up.

Darcy DeMoss, who played Nikki, has ties to two other Friday films. She auditioned for the part in A New Beginning that ended up going to Debby Sue Voorhees, because she was better endowed. In The Final Chapter, she’s in the exercise video that Axel is watching. Me, personally, I think she’s the hottest girl in the history of the series. Still looks great.

In the original script, the caretaker Martin doesn’t die. Instead, he’s in the last scene, with Jason’s father, Elias Voorhees. It was to be revealed that he was the one who’s been paying Martin to look after the graves, as well as kept the city from burning his body. The studio didn’t want the responsibility of having to expand that, so it was cut.

Originally cast as Jason was stuntman Dan Bradley, who was the stunt coordinator on films such as Spider-Man 2 & 3, Crank, and the Jason Bourne trilogy. He filmed the paintball scenes, and when the studio execs saw the footage, they felt he was far too husky and needed to be recast. Enter CJ Graham.

Final Rating:
For me, it just doesn’t get better than Jason Lives. It was more than just a simple horror film, and went far & beyond what the previous films had done. I’m not saying they were lacking with what they did, but by the 6th one, you have to do more than just the same old song & dance.
Humor was something the previous films had, but not on the consistent level of Jason Lives, nor with the sharpness of it. This one also ramped up the action with guns, car chases, and an RV flipping over.
Not only were elements enhanced, so was Jason. Now that he was supernatural, Tom got creative with that aspect and gave us some of Jason’s most memorable kills. Everything from the heart punch, to the triple decapitation, to the Sheriff’s back-cracking helped to make this one of the funnest & more spectacular slasher films of all time. An absolute classic.

5 Head-Butts out of 5.

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