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The Slasher Movie Encyclopedia – Jason Goes To Hell

November 8, 2015 | Posted by Caliber Winfield
Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday A Bloody Good Time


The trips to Camp Crystal Lake were only suppose to last until November. However, I received more than a few requests to just finish out the series. So, if there’s no major objections from you hip cats, we’re gonna keep on rocking.

As always, we hear from you, the beautiful people, before we get to the action.

The OnePretty sure the original plan was to have Tommy become the new Jason after part 5 but test audiences hated the heel turn idea.

Yeah, pretty much. Although it wasn’t test audiences, it was just the audiences. Part 5 did pretty well at the box-office, but people HATED it when it first came out. They just couldn’t deal with the fact Jason wasn’t around. Honestly, I thought that logic was a load of shit. I mean, it’s not like the guy in part 5 ran around in a pink dress with a diaper for a mask and killed people with kindness. He looked EXACTLY like Jason, and killed EXACTLY like Jason. So, it was pretty much Jason. Anyway, yeah, peeps hated it, and so they brought Jason back from the grave.

bubbathegeekThanks for including the VHS cover, it takes me back to being a kid and starring at that in Blockbusters, wondering what the hell was going in this movie. Just out of curiosity what is your personal ranking of all the Friday the 13th movies.

I know, the back cover was so confusing. As a kid you’re thinking “Aliens? Or is that Jason as a child? What is going on inside this damn movie?!”.

As for how I rank the films, it goes a little something like:
Part 6
Final Chapter
Part 2
The New Blood
2009 Version
Freddy vs Jason
Jason Goes To Hell
Jason Takes Manhattan
Part 3
Jason X
A New Beginning

Now, when you look at that list you might think I really dislike the films near the bottom. But that’s not true. I find merit and enjoy each entry in the series. I think they’re all a fucking blast, and absolutely dig them all.

WilGreat read Caliber. 100% agree on Part 4 being a horror classic and my personal fave of the series. Your dismissal of TWD & its’ characters, however, I could not disagree with more. I would heartily encourage you to to give it another shot, as I feel it has grown leaps and bounds since the first season, Darabount or not. Engaging stories, serious tension, and lots of gruesome kills. That show is money sir. However, your assessment of FTWD was SPOT ON. Moved at the pace of a dying brontosaurus and produced some very bland characters and totally weak acting. A poor companion for TWD in my humble opinion.

Thanks, Wil. Much appreciated.

That’s just it, I’ve been watching The Walking Dead since day one. I stopped in the middle of season 2, because of how bad it was. I started back up when season 3 was over, and caught up via Netflix. I like the show, I just don’t care for any of the characters. When they die, I couldn’t care less. Hell, last week’s episode, Here’s Not Here was the first time they crafted characters that I was interested in and cared about. The stories are pretty good, and I dig the action, I just think the show is lousy with it’s characters.

Alrighty, let’s get it.


We open up with a car arriving in Crystal Lake, and a woman getting out. She sets up a cabin, and promptly hops in the shower. At this point we discover she appears to be wearing a wig that’s made out of shag carpet, and that she has a very long butt. Seriously, it looks like it starts at the base of her neck. The lights go out, and she decides to investigate while wearing a towel. Everything seems fin—OH SNAPS IT’S JASON! He comes tearing out of the dark and just barely hits her with his machete. She takes off like a shot towards the woods with Jason in hot pursuit. But she’s a liar! She’s no camper, she’s a cop! Ducking out of the way as a flood of lights come on and highlight Jason as he stands in a clearing, a SWAT team opens fire, ending with a missile of some sort that blows Jason to pieces. I gotta say, if I were in this girl’s position, I would have been plenty scared, because Jason has a great look here, there’s just one issue.

Caliber The Cop: Holy shit, he’s for real! He IS un-dead! What the hell am I gonn—wha? Does he have his shirt tucked into his pants? This…I mean, this makes no sense. The guy has a hockey mask growing into his head. Why the hell is his shirt tucked in?! He’s an undead killer, not a manager at Costco.


They take his parts back to the morgue, and in one of the gnarliest scenes in the franchise’s history, the coroner is unable to resist Jason’s appetizing heart, which begins beating, and gorges on it. The effects company did a great job here, as this scene made me sick to my stomach when I was a kid and it’s stuck with me my entire life. Naturally, because he ate the heart, this means Jason’s soul will now inhabit his body. On the outside said person will appear normal, however, in the reflection of a mirror or any other reflective surface, we see the real Jason. Wouldn’t that be obnoxious, if you went shopping for new clothes and tried to see how they looked?

Dave [has Jason’s soul in him]: Oh, great. My new suit looks like a beat-up shirt and pair of pants that are torn to shit and covered in blood. Oh, and Steve, not cool writing “I Thirst For Man Kisses” on my forehead while I slept. You know I can’t see that shit. I had it on there for 3 days before anyone told me!

Jason’s first act in the new body is to kill the other coroner and the SWAT members acting as security. We then cut to a TV show, which at the time was reflective of trash-news programs like A Current Affair and Hard Copy. Here we learn of Creighton Duke, a man we’ve never heard of before who knows absolutely everything about Jason Voorhees. He tells us that Jason jumps from body to body when he needs to, and that only he knows how to kill him.

We now meet Steve, a resident of Crystal Lake, where people are celebrating the death of Jason with huge fanfare. He’s in love with Jason’s niece, Jessica Kimble, and also has a baby with her. Jessica’s mother, Diana, is Jason’s half-sister, and is the direct target of Jason’s warpath. Because normal human bodies don’t hold up, and he needs a female Voorhees body to get back to his old self. Yes, we went from a guy running around with a sack on his head, killing people, to that last sentence.

Steve heads out, and on his way picks up a few hitchhikers, two girls and a guy. He drops them off at Camp Crystal Lake, since they want to celebrate Jason’s death by doing all the things that piss him off. Sure enough though, Jason’s spider-sense goes off, and he detects two things: A] Boobies and B] People having fun. Possibly with boobies. These things really chap his hide, so he hops on the good foot and gets to the killing. One of the girls is merely cut up, but the other one gets arguably the greatest death in the entire series. While in mid-coitus with her boyfriend, she’s sitting on top of him, and TADOW. She gets a massive spike shoved through her, at which point Jason pulls upward, ripping her in two. It looks incredible. Now, as the boyfriend, my thoughts go:

Caliber: “Hey, threesome on a technicality!….ah, crap”

The coroner’s body is wearing thin, so he kidnaps a cop and promptly makes the switch. However, before he does so, he feels the need to shave the guy. While the guy is naked. And tied down. I don’t know, if I’m a supernatural killer demon, and the body I’m using is about to burn away, the last thing I’m worried about is whisker burn. Anyhoo, now that he has a body Diana trusts, he can get close. He makes his way over, and just before he can slip her the demon tongue, Steve shows up and totally swap-blocks Jason. They do battle, but in the midst of it all, Jason gets a lucky shot in when he throws a kitchen utensil into Diana’s back. As Steve tries to offer comfort in her dying moments, her boyfriend, the Sheriff, shows up and Steve is literally caught red-handed. While in prison, he meets the Duke, who teaches him all he knows about Jason, for a price of course. The price being finger breaking. This would piss me the hell off. Like, dude, can’t I just cut you a check for $20 or something? I’d poke that guy right in his fucking eye if he did something like that.

Well, Steve is now motivated by his new learnings, and is out to protect Jessica. So, he breaks out and is off to the “Vorhees” house, nice touch New Line. Once he arrives, he digs around the place for a minute, stumbling upon a book that appears to be written in human blood, and bound in human flesh. Yes, The Book of the Dead is located at the Voorhees’ house. While thumbing through it, he hears a voice and has to duck into a closet. It turns out it belongs to Robert Campbell, the evil TV host and boyfriend to Jessica. After discussing his evil plans with a show producer, which included his story about taking Jessica’s mother’s body from the morgue and stashing it in the house, he’s promptly ambushed by Jason who’s in need of a new body. Fortunately, Rob is kissibly smooth, so no need for a shave. I tell you, if the Duke had told me about Jason’s distaste of facial hair, I would have promptly shaved my entire body and glued all the hair to my face.

Anyway, now that he has a fresh pair of duds, Jason’s after Jessica. Of course, her Mr-Rich-and-Good-Job-Boyfriend tries to kill her, which prompts her Nice-Guy-Lets-Friend-Zone-Him-Ex-Boyfriend to make the save, and what’s she do? She freaks out, then punches and kicks thim before throwing him out of the car. Well of course. They all end up back at the police station, where Steve is proven right, as Rob comes in and gives pretty much everyone a Ryu-Down-Forward-+-HP HADUKEN to the face. He even does the old-school-1980s-pro-wrestling-double-noggin-knocker so hard it crushes the dudes’ faces. Awesome. Jessica finally believes Steve, who is a better man than me at this point. I’d be a complete ass

Caliber: Huh, what’s that? You believe me now? You sure I didn’t just get these fingers broken for fun? When did you put together all the sparce clues? Was it when the guy I ran over with a car came in and killed people with his bare hands? Or when I shot him in the head and he basically did the ‘jack-off’ motion with his hand?

So, they head to the diner where Jessica has left her baby, there’s a bit of resistance, but that all goes out the window when Jason arrives and wreaks total fucking havoc. He snaps a guy’s forearm in half, like he’s Lincoln Hawk or something, dunks a guy in a deep-fryer, and elbows a chick in the face so hard her jaw caves in. It’s a hell of a scene.

Steve and Jessica find out that The Duke has the baby, and meet him at Stately Voorhees Manor. Soon, Jason shows up as someone else, who then has their head-cutt off, prompting the slug-like demon form of Jason to roam around screeching until he climbs into the corpse of his half sister and is reborn. Gee, I can’t understand why some fans hate this film. Anyway, Jason is now back, in true form. Again, I’m beating a dead-horse here, but c’mon. He’s a reborn supernatural killer, and his shirt is STILL tucked into his pants! Well, now that he’s back to kicking ass, guess who has to take the brunt of it? Is it Jessica? Does she finally mount up and do something worthy here so Steve can hang back for a sec, take a breather? Hell no! It’s Steve. Out there fighting Jason with yard tools and playground equipment. Jason promptly wails on Steve while Jessica is taking a powder or something, until she finally gets a hold of the magical dagger from The Duke that transforms and is now capable of killing Jason. Seriously, where the fuck did Duke get all of this stuff?! Was it one of those “order now and you’ll get the Secret To The Voorhees book!” kinda deals when you’d order Time Life’s True Tales Of The Old West, and they’d talk about Jesse James shooting a man just for snoring. Is that it? Because this guy is a wealth of knowledge and equipment that no one has ever heard of.


Well, Jessica stabs him, and with the dagger firmly planted into his chest, Jason goes to hell in a pretty sweet scene. Then of course we get what is arguably the greatest ending to a film ever, as Freddy’s claw pops up and drags Jason’s mask down to hell.


Slasher Movie Tally:
People Killed: 13
Swear Words: 53
Boobies: 6
Slow Motion Scenes: 26
Chases on Foot: 1
Fake-Out Scares: 2
Car Stalling: 0
Drugs/Drinking/Sex: Instances of all 3
Warned But Didn’t Believe: Yup, by The Duker

Top 3 Deaths:

Two Is A Party But Three Is A Freaking Bloody Mess:
Arguably the best kill in the series, Jason, in the guise of the coroner, sticks the fence spike into a chick’s mid-section and literally rips her in two. Something everyone remembers.

See What’s On Her Mind:
When Jason takes over Robert’s body, he does quite a lot of damage. One of my favorites is when one of Jessica’s battle-worthy friends tries to take him out with a steel rod. She impales him, at which point he returns the favor, and then puts the icing on top; squeezing her skull so hard that her brains spout from the top.

Shut It:
Another fantastic death that takes place in the diner is when the loud-mouthed owner catches a roaring elbow from Jason and it shoves her jaw into the middle of her skull. It’s a brilliant kill, and looks fantastic.

Things You Need To Know In Order To Survive:

Tobe Hooper was considered as a choice for director, as was action-classic creator, John McTiernan. However, he decided to go with Last Action Hero instead. I would have really liked to see his take on JGTH, as he’s one of my favorite directors, and Last Action Hero is rather terrible.

John D. Lemay, who plays Steve, is the only person to have ever starred in both the Friday The 13th TV series, and a film.

At one point The Duke says to Jason “Son of a bitch, you remember me?” which made some sense, as you’d assume Jason knew about this bounty hunter. However, in the original script, it was revealed that Jason had killed Duke’s girlfriend, thus setting him on his path.

Kane was a busy bee during this film, playing three roles: Jason, the security guard, and Freddy’s arm.

There’s a comic book that bridges the films of part 8 and 9, explaining how Jason got back to Crystal Lake, and why the FBI has a task force designed just for him.

The heart that the coroner eats was made of gelatin and filled with fruit cocktail. When it’s busy not being eaten, the actual prop heart was also seen in From Dusk Till Dawn, when it’s ripped from the big vampire’s chest.

The assistant coroner, who likes to aim for things when he’s having a bowel movement, and also gets his skull crushed with a probe, is actually one of the screenwriters.
The Director found the Book of the Dead laying around and thought it’d be cool to put it in the film. Even though it was just something done for the hell of it, it opens up so many theories. Such as Jason being a Deadite, and his mother using the book to ressurect him, thus his inability to die.

Box-Office Business:

Released by New Line Cinemas on Aug. 13, 1993 to 1,355 theaters on a budget of $3 million. Jason Goes To Hell debuted at #2 for the weekend, with a total of $7,552,190 and averaging $5,573 per theater. At the end of its 2-week run, the film brought in a grand domestic total of $15,935,068

Final Rating:
The term “black sheep” was practically created for the film Jason Goes To Hell. A New Beginning has its detractors, but they’ll admit it has some merit. But those who hate Jason Goes To Hell? They HATE Jason Goes To Hell. They’re almost violent in their distaste of the film, and to be honest, they have a lot of valid reasons. You could easily look at this film as a slap in the face to all the fans of the Friday series, a film that was only made to cash in on the success of Freddy’s Dead from a guy who never respected the Friday series to begin with, despite helping to create it. Sean Cunningham created the first one with the only intention to make money, when it became a success, he balked at the following sequels, and pretty much wanted nothing to do with it. Then when it came to this film, his only request of director/writer Adam Marcus was to “get rid of that damn hockey mask”. Something that completely screwed this film’s chances of ever making money. Do you get rid of Freddy’s glove? Do you get rid of Leatherface’s chainsaw? Do you get rid of the zombies in Romero’s dead films? No, you don’t, because it’d be a slap in the face to the series and its fans. I can understand the intentions, to try something new, but with the film that’s supposed to be the last? No, that makes absolutely no sense, and is flat out stupid. Beyond that there’s things like blatantly ignoring the ending of the last film, Jason making audible noise, mispelling the last name on the mailbox of the house, the inclusion of The Duke and his sudden vast knowledge, as well as Jason body-hoping. These reasons are why a good portion of the Friday fans hate this film, and to be honest, I can’t blame them.

However, I think the film is a blast. Would I like to see Jason as Jason more? Sure. However, it’s fun to see his facial expressions during some of the kills, seeing into his mind at times. The Duke character, although ridiculous in how he just parachuted into the franchise like he’d been here since day one, is a lot of fun. The main character of Steve is very likeable, and the cast at the diner is great too. JGTH packs in a lot of action, and features some fantastic effects that bring to life a ton of great kills. I really dig the score too, something that really helped the title sequence become one of the most memorable of the series.
So all in all, I completely understand why a good portion of the fans hate it, but I think it’s a damn worthwhile inclusion, and a lot of fun. Despite his shirt being tucked into his pants.

4 Head-Butts out of 5

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