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The Slasher Movie Encyclopedia: Psycho II

October 25, 2017 | Posted by Caliber Winfield
Psycho II


Greetings, all.

Nah, your boy ain’t dead.

I just needed a break. After over 2 years, I decided to take a little sabbatical, and come back fresh. Now, naturally, since it’s October, we’re gonna talk slasher movies, and one of my favorites, one of the more underrated, the sequel to the one that started it all, Psycho.


We open up with a flash back of the most famous scene in Psycho’s history, the shower scene. After that we’re brought to the present, where Norman Bates is having his parole hearing, after being declared sane. At the hearing, the sister of Marion Crane, Lila, is there to urge everyone to not let him out. She even has a petition with 700 some odd signatures. Pssh, bruh, those things never work. I’ve been pushing mine forever which would allow me to both star and direct in the Bloodsport/Predator cross-over. Either way, the court is like, nah, he’s good. Where’s that conversation where the judge is all:

Judge: He only murdered his mother, kept the body in the basement, dressed like her, and proceeded to murder 7 people. Have you ever heard of a little thing call community service?

He’s taken back home, because why the hell not? Who’s the doctor that allowed this? I’d like to be in the room when he’s helping his other patients.

Doctor: Well, Jack, I’d say you’re cured, and you’re good to go. Thankfully, after only 3 years, your trauma that you faced during the Vietnam war is over. You’re good to go.

Patient: It feels great. Where did you say you set me up at?

Doctor: De Nang.

He’s got himself a cushy job working as an assistant to a cook at a local diner. There he meets a waitress named Mary, who’s got boyfriend troubles, so she stays with Norman. At the motel, he meets the manager, named Toomey, who’s a bit of a douchebag and basically rents this place out for people to drink alcohol, in EXCESS, if you can believe it, and have pre-marital sex. Well, Norman ain’t having it. Like, you wanna dress up like your dead mother and slaughter people, have it. But marijuana and boobie touching? Good sir, make like a suicide jumper and hit the bricks. The next day at work the now fired manager shows up to talk shit to Norman and harass the waitress. On the wheel where one picks up the order slips, there’s a note that reads “DON’T LET THAT WHORE STAY AT OUR PLACE AGAIN, LOVE, MOTHER”. He thinks Toomey is up to it, but when he goes to show the letter to people, it’s gone. I’d also have to throw in “And there was a note from Phoenix Marie! Saying she loves me! Dammit, both are true!”.

Also, while all this is going on, Norman is seeing things. Like his mother up in the window of the house, we also see someone looking through a peep hole at one point while Mary showers.

Later that evening, Toomey shows up at the hotel super drunk, ready to move his shit out. However, the only moving that goes on is a kitchen knife getting moved into Toomey’s face, as someone shows up dressed like Norman’s mother and offs him. The next day, while painting the hotel, Norman sees someone in the window of his mother’s room, a place he never goes, for obvious reasons. However, he finds the courage to do so, and when he does, it’s completely made up. Before things were askew and messy, now it was tip top. There was also a note that said “Get rid of the slut, or I’ll kill her – Mother”. He heads to the attic, and once he gets in there door shuts behind him, locking him in. At this same point, a couple of teenagers sneak into the basement for a sweet session of smoking a joint and sexing. But like, this dude pulls out this dirty, stained, dusty ol’ rolled up mattress out and is like, hey, come hither, and she’s game! Holy shit! This dude has MAD confidence. Back in my day when I was attempting to court a female, I pressure washed my bed, put a mint on the pillow, and gargled and brushed with Frebreeze, and this dude is throwing game like:

Guy: Baby, I couldn’t be bothered to grab a blanket, but don’t worry, I dug up a corpse for us to sit on while you touch my wiener. Let’s get it.

Well, they begin their make out session, only to get cock-blocked by Norman’s mom. Naturally, the girl gets out, and leaves the dude behind. Like, damn, baby, I go and get us a pile of compost to make out on, and this is how you repay me!? Cold blooded. The girl gets away, and she gets the police to head over to Norman’s pad. He’s still in the attic when they show up, and when they head downstairs, it’s spick and span. The cops head back, and Marion Crane’s sister is waiting. She yells at them for not arresting Norman, saying everyone knows what he did, fix it. Later that night, Marry heads down to the hotel to find some booze, Crane shows up, and we find out she’s Mary’s mother. They hatched a plan to break Norman’s sanity. Doing things like leaving the notes, redressing his mom’s living room. However, Mary isn’t really that keen on the plan anymore, feeling bad for Norman.

Later that night Mary hears things and does some investigating, finding a peephole that leads into Mary’s bathroom. While she looks through it, someone from the other side looks back. She freaks out, and this brings Norman to her rescue. The next day, Mary’s mom is super pissed that her daughter doesn’t want to dress up in a dead woman’s clothes and taunt a psychopathic serial killer. Like, damn, bruh, remember when your mom let you bother the car to go to the store? Well, now she needs a favor! Norman eventually learns who Mary really is, but he seemingly digs her, so he doesn’t seem too pissed. Before they can actualy get into it, Norman is asked by a sheriff’s deputy to follow him to the swamp. Mary then tags along. While they’re dragging it, Mary’s mother heads to Norman’s house to dress like his mother, while his doctor follows her to prove she’s behind it. However, before she can get down to business, someone shows up, dressed like Norman’s mother, and stabs her through the open mouth and out the back of her dead, a pretty sweet kill.
Later that evening, Norman’s at home when his mother calls again, and he just about breaks, pretending to talk on the phone with his mother. Mary goes to the stash spot where the wig & dress are, and puts them on, in an attempt to bring him back. She gets freaked out, and heads to the top of the stairs, only for Bates’ doctor to show up and be all “gotcha!” and her to return with “knife to the chestya!”. He ends up falling down to the 1st floor and dying, which Norman sees and reassures his mother she’s OK, he’s got her back. This freaks her out, and she starts stabbing and slashing at the advancing Norman. Once they hit the basement, Mary’s mother’s body is uncovered and she’s just about to kill Norman when the cops bust in on the scene and blow her away. All the murders end up getting pinned on them, but later that night, Norman has a visitor.
The older woman from the restaurant Norman worked at shows up, and it’s revealed that she is his actual mother. She had him when she was young and unmarried, and, well, she was also a little crazy. So, she gave Norman to her sister. After he got out of prison and came back into her life, she saw all these people trying to screw with her boy, and had to put them all down. Norman is like, oh, really? OK, that sounds—BAM!! A coal shovel to the back of her skull while she sits at the kitchen table. It’s amazing, because it literally comes out of no where. He then takes her back up stairs to her room, and once he walks in, mother begins talking again, and it’s time to fire up the hotel again…

Official Slasher Movie Encyclopedia Tally:
Killed: 111111
Boobs: 11
Slow Motion Scenes: 0
Foot Chases: 0
Fake-Out Scares [ie, a cat]: 0
Car Stalling: 0
Instances of Drugs/Drinking/Sex: Yes
Warned But No Belief: No

A producer wanted Jamie Lee Curtis for the role of Mary, since she was the actual daughter of Janet Leigh.

The writer of the original novel Psycho, wrote the sequel, Psycho II. In the book Norman heads to Hollywood to stop a film based on his life, and was apparently a non-flattering critique of Hollywood and the slasher genre.

The original Psycho is one of my favorite horror movies of all time. That being said, I avoided the sequels like the plague for decades. How on Earth could this work? It’s made 23 years later, it’s in color, and most horror sequels don’t deliver, especially when they’re made as cash-ins. However, they seemed to truly care about this film, as Psycho II is a alot of fun. Perkins again kills it as Tony, we have great atmosphere, music, and a classic whodunt. Which, right there is the brilliance of Pyscho 2. They could have gone with a simple zslasher movie, but I feel like they went a bit above and behind. A solid movie you need to see if you’ve been sleeping on it.
4 Head-Butts Out Of 5.
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