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Thoughts on What to Expect From DC’s Titans

September 29, 2018 | Posted by Steve Gustafson
Titans Robin Dick Grayson

Titans is almost here and the anticipation is split down the middle. Some are hyped for DC’s team to finally get a live-action show while others have expressed dismay over some of the characters and the shows tone. With the show about to launch, DC is pushing the marketing full blast with posters, teasers, and character spotlights.

From the looks of things, the show will be more on the grim-n-gritty side with Beast Boy providing the laughs. Titans will focus on the mystery of Raven, who has a mysterious connection to Dick Grayson, knowing about his background as Batman’s sidekick Robin.

With Raven front and center, some are speculating that Trigon or Brother Blood could play into the season.

Besides the hard edged Robin, the two characters causing the most talk happen to be Beast Boy, specifically how his CGI will look, and Starfire, thanks to some leaked photos from set.

EW debuted a promo for Beast Boy, played by Ryan Potter, and gives us an idea of what we can expect from Gar Logan’s feral transformations. Sure, he takes the form of an animal, but he’ll wind up in the buff when he shifts back to his human form — as his new teammates learn in the clip when Gar shapeshifts in front of them for the first time.

EW previously reported,that Titans will be a bit of a slow burn, and the won’t start off as a fully formed team. When Robin and Raven meet Beast Boy for the first time, he’s living with another superhero group. That group is also on schedule for a spin off: Doom Patrol.

“We’ll meet him with another surrogate family, and we’ll see why he would choose to get involved with the Titans — or Dick and Rachel, specifically,” Johns told EW. “He’s a fun character. He’s one of the best characters to write. I love writing Gar, and Ryan Potter plays him amazingly well.”

We’ve also gotten a better look at Starfire, played by Anna Diop. Starfire, a.k.a. Koriand’r, looks to have a mysterious origin story. “There’s a power inside of me. Something I don’t understand,” she says in the trailer.

Titans debut will be interesting on a number of levels. DC’s new streaming service, a one-stop shop for all things DC Comics, is available ahead of the premiere and a large segment of fans are taking a “wait and see” attitude about the service. Titans will either open new doors or be a rocky beginning.

With the DC cinematic universe going through growing pains and reshuffling, they’re hoping the streaming service will get off to a strong start and betting pretty heavy on Titans to provide that boost.

What do you think about Titans and are you getting the streaming service?

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