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Thoughts On Plans For a Last Starfighter Sequel

March 27, 2021 | Posted by Steve Gustafson
The Last Starfighter

Stay with me here. My thoughts about remakes have been pretty clear. We have to accept that they’ll be made and it’s up to audiences to send a message to studios if they are acceptable or not.

My issue is why do they remake the classics and movies that are considered near perfect? Why not take a plot or storyline that was interesting or creative but didn’t do well at the box office and give it new life with a fresh writer, director, and cast?

For years I used The Last Starfighter as an example of a movie that is ripe to be remade. It looks like I was a bit off as now it looks like we’re not getting a remake but a sequel. 

Check out the sizzle reel…

If you haven’t seen The Last Starfighter, I’m not sure I can give it enthusiastic thumbs up. Yes, my nostalgia for it runs high and I talk about it more than I care to admit but the special effects…well, it was 1984. Directed by Nick Castle, we follow video game playing teen Alex Rogan as he’s recruited through a video game to join an interstellar force of aliens to battle a threat to the universe. Simple plot but has lots of potential for fun. 

Writer Gary Whitta wants to bring Starfighter back and is close to getting it done. Whitta was the screenwriter of The Book of Eli, co-wrote After Earth with M. Night Shyamalan, and co-developed the story for Rogue One.

During a Twitch stream, Whitta shared they’re “right on the one yard line” of making a new The Last Starfighter movie. He’s been working on the sequel with the original film’s writer, Jonathan Betuel, for years. Whitta clarified this would be a sequel continuing the original movie’s storyline and preserving it as canon.

Outside that, not much is known and my only reservation is we’ll need this to get a fairly decent budget so the effects aren’t a throwback to the original. I’d love some big names to join and give Starfighter the attention it deserves. You’d think a movie about an arcade game being used as a recruiting device would be a bigger deal. 

This sequel could be a new launching pad for a very successful franchise with toys, cartoons, and video games right behind. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I’m onboard for this and while I’d prefer a remake, I can see a sequel doing just fine.