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Titans Cast Talk Starfire’s Season One Arc, Getting Costumes, Donna Troy & More

October 21, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

The cast and crew of Titans answered fan questions about the ongoing first season in an interview with TV Line. Highlights are below:

Teagan Croft on how she gets into Raven’s mindset: “It’s interesting because when you do it for nine months, you get into a rhythm. As soon as I step on set, when I get the wig and makeup on, and the costume, it really helps get into that head space. I’m not really Teagan anymore, I’m Raven. Also, it’s about being quieter than I am in real life!”

Anna Diop on Starfire’s first season arc: “She starts to find out who she is. She’s very instinctive, so sometimes she’ll have the urge to do something, and she’ll just do it. Like, ‘Oh, I guess I have this power!’”

Geoff Johns on the possibility of LGBTQ characters on the show: “Of course. There’s one Titan that already is gay, that we’ve talked about bringing on — probably next season.”

Diop on Donna Troy appearing this season: “It’s an interesting relationship that comes about when Donna Troy and Starfire meet… You’ll have to watch!”

Akiva Goldsman on the team getting costumes: “[They] are all young people from dysfunctional systems trying to form one on their own. And as they start to find themselves, they’ll start to find the costumed identities we recognize.”

Ryan Potter on getting into character as Beast Boy: “I always lead with honest intention of the character. Everything has to come from not a childish mentality, but he can’t seem dumb…. He’s a kid in a candy store. He’s the light at the end of a dark hallway — and we can be in a dark hallway sometimes on this show.”

Croft on Raven learning how to use her power: “Raven will learn to harness her power, which is magic…Yes, she can heal.”)

Brendan Thwaites on Dick and Kory’s relationship in the show: “We do explore our relationship. Through a series of events, [Kory] kind of fulfills Dick’s role when he loses Rachel and she becomes a surrogate protector for Rachel. Through that, we meet and then form a relationship over the course of the season…[their relationship] warms down, warms up, like an old kettle!”

Thwaites on the main villain for season one: “The evil force on this show has multiple different colors and visions; it is a human, played by a human actor; and there are sci-fi elements to it…[the Big Bad] requires us all to band together, to use all our skills to overcome him.”

Goldsman on Dick Grayson becoming Nightwing: “That’s the long game…Our whole first season is an origin episode, the birth of the team.”

Johns on Dick’s transition into Nightwing: “Obviously, Dick Grayson’s evolution from Robin to Nightwing is a big part of his character, and at some point he will evolve into that.”

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