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Top 10 American Horror Story WTF Moments

September 30, 2015 | Posted by Wednesday Lee Friday

Fans of American Horror Story find the show to be weird, funny, scary, disturbing, and full of unexpected developments. Whether the trauma you just witnessed turned out to be a dream sequence, or another season’s character has just come roaring back—you never know quite what to expect. With that in mind, we’ve compiled ten of the most unnerving, surprising, or just plain insane scenes from the previous four seasons of American Horror Story. As you’d expect from such a list, spoilers abound. Apologies in advance if I didn’t include your favorite WTF scene.

#10 Frat-kenstein Incest (Coven)

We weren’t all that surprised when Evan Peters’ character, Kyle, was revived after his early death in Coven. Nobody really thought they’d kill him off that early. What we didn’t expect was that his grieving mother was a disgusting rapist. Once we found out, her untimely and violent death was a little more predictable. This fan vid captures the tortured life that was Kyle Spencer.

#9 The Weeping Fap (Murder House)

Early on in Murder House fans still weren’t sure what American Horror Story was all about. But when Ben (Dylan McDermott) simultaneously masturbates to the new maid (Alexandra Brackenridge) and cries over his own lack of willpower—we began to get an idea. We also learned that McDermott had been working out during his down time. Yowza!

#8 The Burning of Myrtle Snow (Coven)

“This is just a joke, right? They’re not actually burning her?” Yes. Yes, they are. The major drawback of Coven was the fact that nobody stayed dead—the “death” by fire of Myrtle Snow was still jarring. First of all, she was framed for the crime she was murdered for. Second, Myrtle handled herself with endless grace. And finally—the choice of music in this scene provided a bizarre accompaniment to one of the most gruesome deaths of the entire season.

#7 Chester Kills Maggie (Freakshow)

It’s no secret to fans that Emma Roberts was almost as awful to Evan Peters in Freakshow than she was to him in real-life. So fans weren’t all that bummed when she was killed. What we didn’t expect was that she was brutally sawed in half by a batshit crazy Neil Patrick Harris while she screamed for help. Still, it’s lovely when Jamie Brewer comes out on top.

#6 Madame LaLaurie’s Political Disappointment (Coven)

No matter your politics, you have to find some humor in the Coven scene where Madame Delphine LaLaurie learns that a “negro” is now President of these United States. She goes through the stages of grief as she processes this terrible information, and reminds us all why she’s a villain. Well, she’s also a slave-owner, murderess, torturer, and all-around sadist.

#5 The Rape of the Monsignor (Asylum)

Asylum was easily the darkest and most terrifying season of American Horror Story to date. Between the Nazi doc, horrifying medical experiments, sadistic nuns, and Bloodyface on staff, it would have been plenty scary without The Devil himself…or herself as was the case here. When the possessed Sister Mary Eunice has her way with the resisting Monsignor, fans didn’t know whether to become aroused or sick. Such is the case with most of the sex on the show.

#4 Bloodyface Reveal (Asylum)

Finding out that the soft-spoken Dr Thredson (Zachary Quinto) was actually the serial killer known as Bloodyface was bad enough. Discovering the depths of his depravity was enough to disturb even the most seasoned of horror fans. As killers go—Bloodyface had a lot going for him: a skin fetish, mommy issues, necrophilic tendencies, a pathological inability to self-examine, and a penchant for grilled ham sandwiches.

#3 Violet’s Body (Murder House)

Violet (Taissa Farmiga) and Tate are the messed up couple that you really want to make it. They don’t though. Fans all thought Violet narrowly avoided suicide thanks to Tate’s intervention. Several eps later we learn that no, she didn’t. Watching her being shown her own corpse is disturbing as hell—especially since she wanted to live again by that point. I only wish there was a better YouTube of the scene.

#2 Pepper’s Backstory (Freakshow)

Fans have always liked Pepper (Naomi Grossman). But finally learning her entire tragic backstory made us love her. Pepper remained cheerful despite being thrown away like trash, losing the love of her life, moving in with her terrible sister, and even being framed for murder and institutionalized. Her only regret? She missed baby Lucas—and she’s the only one who did. #TeamPepper

#1 The Name Game (Asylum)

This is the first scene of American Horror Story that left me staring at my TV wondering what the hell I’d just seen. A song and dance number in the middle of a terrifying mental asylum? I hear Jessica Lange was just sick of wearing a nun’s habit for most of the season. Turns out, this pitch perfect dance number became a highlight fans are still talking about.

See you all next week as we begin Season Five. American Horror Story: Hotel promises a stellar cast (despite the departure of Jessica Lange), plenty of intrigue, and more clues about how all the seasons fit together.