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Two Live-Action Alien Shows Rumored to Be in the Works

February 14, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Alien Image Credit: 21st Century Fox

The Alien franchise is said to have a potential return in the works…on the small screen. HN Entertainment reports that two live-action series are in the works set within the franchise, with one featuring Ridley Scott on board and set up at Hulu.

According to the report, the Scott-produced show would be an anthology series “with multiple seasons that could tackle different corners/eras of the franchise” like Fargo or American Horror story.

It is worth noting that you should take this rumor with a serious grain of salt. Disney deal to acquire Fox, who own the rights of the franchise, is not yet closed. It would likely not be feasible for the studios to begin working together, and Fox is not likely to start developing projects that could be killed when Disney comes on board. A good example of this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios have repeatedly said they are not able to start developing ways to bring the X-Men and Fantastic Four into the universe until the deal closes.

The Alien franchise was last seen in Alien Covenant, which disappointed with critics and at the box office. Fox was said to be rethinking the future of the franchise after the film failed to make money.

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