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Tyrone Magnus Talks With 411 About New Series Vengeance

October 29, 2016 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz

The B-Movie Interview: Tyrone Magnus


What is Vengeance? It’s a potential upcoming TV show starring YouTube star The Reactor Tyrone Magnus and noted indie director Michael Matteo Rossi (Sable). It revolves around a man named Derrick Chambers (Magnus) who, after getting involved with mobsters in order to provide for his family, ends up seeking revenge on those mobsters when they kill his family and try to bury him in toxic waste. The toxic waste apparently gives Chambers super powers that will help him in his quest for retribution.

Star Magnus recently took time out of his busy schedule to talk to this writer about the potential show, his character Derrick Chambers, the nature of revenge, and more.


BK:What attracted you to Vengeance?

TM:The way Michael Matteo Rossi wrote the teaser trailer script was straight BADASS, so I couldn’t turn it down. It appealed too much too me.

BK:You’re a fairly well known YouTube personality. Was acting something you always wanted to do or is it a more recent interest?

TM:Acting has been my goal for a long time and after winning IMTA Actor of the Year 2012, I’ve been determined to start a career in acting.

BK: Your Vengeance character, Derrick Chambers, seems to be a flawed but generally good guy. Was Chambers always flawed or is that something you worked on with the director?

TM:Michael Matteo Rossi designed who the character is.

BK: Vengeance looks to be a show chock full of action. What sort of “action hero” background do you have? Are you a martial artist/have some sort of fighting background?

TM:At this time I look more the part than anything but have been an action hero fan for a long time. I’ll be taking several martial arts courses and other training to prepare for this part.

BK:Who are your cinematic heroes?

TM:Superman, Bruce Lee, Sylvester Stallone, Jean Claude Van Damme, Michael Jai White, Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Rock, Wesley Snipes, Harrison Ford

BK:Was it harder to film the teaser trailer or the longer trailer? And what the heck do you plan to do to that cop?

TM:All the footage was shot in the same day and was meant to only be one trailer. I suggested to the director to drop a teaser trailer so that everyone would know when the full trailer dropped and to give it more exposure. And I feel bad for that cop…


BK:What do you hope to accomplish with a character like Derek Chambers?

TM:I want to create my own John McClane type character. A character that’s not a comic book character but has carved out its own legacy among other superheroes.

BK:Is revenge a good idea in real life, or is it best left for fantasy?

TM:It depends on the situation. Life isn’t black and white. There are plenty shades of gray and I believe that justice can come in different forms for particular situations.

BK:Is toxic waste as disgusting as it would seem to be?

TM:I’m sure it is lol, maybe worse but, in this series it gives me the power take VENGEANCE on those that took my loved ones from me

BK:What can your fans do to help persuade potential networks to take a look at “Vengeance”?

TM:I’m think we may be on some networks’ radar already but all my fans have to do is like and share the video everywhere!!! That’s all we can ask 🙂

Check out the Vengeance Facebook page here.