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UPDATED x5: Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Fighting

November 29, 2012 | Posted by Joseph Lee

UPDATE 5: TMZ is also reporting that the allegedl victim in the fight with Lindsay Lohan at a nightclub claims that Lohan used a racial slur before their fight and called Tiffany Mitchell a “****ing Gypsy.”

Mitchell is a psychic who was at the club Avenue along with a friend on Wednesday when Lohan walked in. Tiffanny says she had a premonition about Lohan and approached her inside the club to offer her a free reading. Lohan then reportedly turned her down and said, “Give me my space.” Tiffany’s friend then says she heard Lohan call Mitchell a “****ing Gypsy” as Mitchell was walking away. This apparently set the friend off who then called Lohan a bunch of names back including a “whore” and she also said, “Liz & Dick sucked.” Lohan was said to have become angry and the fight started, and Lohan was later arrested for assault.

Tiffany’s husband also told TMZ, “We are not Gypsies. That has nothing to do with our religion … it was a racist comment. Just because your career went down the drain and your new movie sucks, you can’t go around beating people up.”

Also according to the report, Tiffany had a conversation with Max from The Wanted, but it was not anything for Lohan to be jealous about according to her.

UPDATE 4: Here is video of Lindsay Lohan leaving the police station surrounded by reporters after she was arrested for fighting. Lindsay ignores reporter questions and gets in the car, then yells for her friend and former assistant Gavin Doyle to get out for an unknown reason, which he does:

UPDATE x3: Radar Online spoke with Michael Lohan about Lindsay Lohan’s latest arrest, and her father said that she was “in a dark place”.

He said: “Both (Dina) and Lindsay are in a dark place. I TOLD you exactly what would happen and YOU KNOW I was trying to get Dina on board with me for a long time, BUT especially the last two weeks.

He spoke not long after the news of Lindsay’s arrest broke. He said that Dina’s lack of cooperation with him in getting Lindsay’s help is what was responsible. He said if Dina supported his plan, “this wouldn’t have happened! Lindsay is acting out in numerous ways because she needs us and internally she’s hurt and angry! Again, it’s ALL on Dina and I wish to God she would stop and resolve things with us to do the same for our children.”

UPDATE x2: According to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan’s latest brush with the law was over Max from the boy band The Wanted. As previously reported, Lohan was at the Justin Bieber concert last night, but was there to see Max, as the Wanted were the opening act.

Lohan tried to get backstage after the concert to see Max, but was blocked. Later in the evening, she met with Max and members of the band at a hotel bar. Along with some of Lohan’s friends, they went to the club Avenue together.

Lohan reportedly got drunk, which turned Max off. He then started talking to another woman, which enraged Lindsay. The woman in question is the one that Lohan is accused of battering.

As for Max, he reportedly washed his hands of both of them, found another girl in the club, and went home with her instead.

UPDATE: TMZ reports that Lindsay Lohan was at Madison Square Garden hours before her arrest, because she was at the Justin Bieber concert in New York City.

It was said that she had good seats at the concert.

Original: TMZ reports that Lindsay Lohan was arrested at 4 AM this morning in New York City for punching a woman at a nightclub.

Lohan was at Club Avenue when she got involved in an argument and it became physical. Police arrived and arrested Lohan for assaulting the woman. Before the fight, the two were in separate booths and began arguing back and forth. Lohan said to her, “Give me my space”. Some time later, she then punched the woman in the left side of her face.

By the time police arrived, Lohan left the club and was a passenger in a car that was leaving. Police stopped the car and arrested her. As she was arrested, she kept saying: “Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?

She was booked for third degree misdemeanor assault, given a desk appearance ticket (which means she has to show up in court soon) and released hours after being arrested. Police said she looked “visibly tired” at the station. Investigators then went back to the club looking for footage of the fight.

This isn’t her only legal problem, as she is soon to be charged with lying to police in June after her car accident on Pacific Coast Highway. She said she was a passenger in the Porsche but she was driving. If she is charged, it could cause another probation violation.

Meanwhile, Michael Lohan has responded to the arrest on Twitter. He wrote: “I have been trying for years and especially over the past two weeks but my pleas have gone unheard Children need BOTH PARENTS, not alienation Do you see what I mean when our children don’t have BOTH parents there for them and on the same page! I have tried and tried but takes two! This is for ALL parents who go or went thru the same! Please don’t make the mistakes!

He later deleted the posts.

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