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This Week’s Walking Dead May Have Explained a Previously-Thought Filming Error

November 21, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
The Walking Dead - The King The Widow and Rick

The latest episode The Walking Dead has peoplethinking that a moment thought as a filming FUBAR from last season could have intentional. This week’s episode, “The Big Scary U,” ended with Rick heading to see the junkyard faction, only to see a helicopter go flying overhead. You can see a clip of the moment below.

The helicopter appearance was, of course, a rarity on the show. The couple of times that choppers have been shown, they’ve been wreckage or crashed. The moment has fans speculating on whether a moment in the previous season wasn’t actually a mistake missed in post-production. This moment in question came when Rick and his group first encountered the junkyard group and, behind Rick, a plane was seen in a shot.

Since the aircraft was in the vicinity of where the helicopter is seen, it’s possible it was a moment seeded for the future. When Pollyanna McIntosh (Jadis) was asked about it by Huff Post, shge said, “I can’t say anything. You either talk about a studio screw-up or you talk about a possible thing that might be part of a story, so either way I’m not doing the show justice.”

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