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Which Superhero is the Most Popular in Each U.S. State?

March 8, 2017 | Posted by Steve Gustafson

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Now, on with the show!

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Last week we asked, “Could DC Survive Without Batman?” Here’s what you all had to say:

iwantwhatthedogseating: “That’s kind of like asking if Japanese cuisine could survive without fish.”

Andre B. High: “batman is DC”

Tao Jones T.jones: “I wouldn’t mind I batman was removed from the spotlight for a bit. He has appeared everywhere and it is getting out-of-hand. DC has so many great heroes, yet doesn’t give them a chance. They are like wwe, it is always too steps backwards! I know it won’t happen, but I would love for DC to remove half the books that feature batman and give some else a chance (the Question as the lead in Detective comics for example).”

The Whole F’n Truth: “Of course they could….You would just have to hire good writers…..Which DC doesn’t have”

Dan D.: “It’s a shame because his self-titled Reborn series, to me, is probably the weakest of the main heroes that I’ve been reading. Detective Comics has been pretty solid, though. However I prefer both Superman books, Aquaman, Flash and Hal Jordan over Batman. I agree with what was previously commented: less focus on him (and his people) and more focus on making other heroes be just as popular.”

JusticeBringer:I dare say, even more than Superman, Batman is DC comics.
I said this myself here over a year ago. It’s not a controversial statement. Superman may have been the first major superhero film, but Batman blew away him after The Dark Knight.

Live-action films: Batman.
Comic sales: Batman.
Comic classic stories: Batman.
Video games: Batman.
Animation: Batman.
Live-action television: Superman.

DC survive without Batman? Hell, DC stands for Detective Comics. The Superman-DC era ended a long ass time ago.”

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This week we discuss…

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Which Superhero is the Most Popular in Each U.S. State?

This is where you find out if your state is as cool as you think it is. Using Google search data, Decluttr has complied the most popular superhero searched in the United States. The results may shock you!

Or not. The most popular superhero, not surprisingly, is Spider-Man with seven states on his side, with DC’s Batman coming in a close second with six. Wonder Woman, Deadpool, and the Flash tie at five each, with Iron Man and Superman coming in with three states each.

Here is a map of the most popular superheroes:

 photo Superheroes_zpsyuzlycp7.jpg

“Steve, why the hell are you sharing this with us?”

Is anyone else surprised by their states superhero? I live in Virginia and I never would have guessed the Flash. I mean, I like the Flash but I would have thought The Walking Dead or if we were going with just the Big Two, then I’d say Batman or Captain America. I was a little surprised by the Jessica Jones love and thought I’d see more Wolverine in the mix.

Also, I have to say I’m a little disappointed that none of the Great Lake states had the Great Lakes Avengers as their popular search choice.

Did you state live up to your expectations?

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