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Writers of Joker & Harley Quinn Talk About The Film’s Tone

September 22, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Harley Quinn Joker Jared Leto Margot Robbie

In an interview with Metro, Joker & Harley Quinn screenwriters Glenn Ficara and John Requa spoke about the upcoming DC spin-off’s tone. Here are highlights:

Ficara on turning in the script: “It is great. The whole thing starts with Harley kidnapping Dr Phil. Played by Dr Phil hopefully. Because her and the Joker are having problems with their relationship. We had so much fun, I don’t know if we have had more fun writing a script in our career. It was sort of like, we wrote ‘Bad Santa’ a couple of years ago, and it was that sensibility mixed with our ‘This Is Us’ sensibility. We kind of meshed them together. We were doing a relationship movie but with the sensibility of a ‘Bad Santa,’ f***ed up, mentally deranged people. It was a lot of fun.”

Requa on when the film might enter production: “I don’t know where it is on the queue of DC movies.”

Ficara on what films might happen first: “We handed the script in and everybody loved it. But I don’t know when they are going to do it. Because I know that they want to do ‘Birds Of Prey’ and they want to do Todd’s ‘Joker’ film first. Maybe if ‘Birds Of Prey’ goes well ours will be next.”