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Zack Snyder Reportedly Helped James Wan Remove Joss Whedon’s Influence From Aquaman

January 19, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Aquaman Arthur Mera

In an interview with the Fire and Water podcast (via CinemaBlend), actor Neil Daly, who oversaw test screenings for Aquaman and Justice League, said that Zack Snyder helped out James Wan with the underwater superhero movie. He claims that Snyder aided Wan in removing the influence of Joss Whedon and the way he wrote Arthur Curry for his Justice League reshoots.

Daly said: “We could have gotten a whole movie about Aquaman just basically fawning over Mera the whole time and making all kinds of dirty jokes and things like that and they had to really kinda get away from that, which is all what Whedon had done, so Snyder had a little bit more of an influence on Aquaman. James Wan was showing Zack Snyder – against the studio’s wishes – James Wan was showing Zack Snyder cuts of the movie and early test screenings and storyboards to make sure that they’re on the same page with what he originally wanted and Snyder gave his blessing of approval, liked everything that he did and kinda brought it back to the charactert that he wanted it to be all along.

He added that a lot of the humor in Justice League, including a moment where Aquaman sits on the lasso of truth and makes leering jokes at Wonder Woman, were from Whedon. Wan had to make changes in order to make the character different for his film.

All of this comes after the controversy over Justice League itself, after Snyder had to step down from production due to a death in the family. Whedon took over and fans apparently didn’t like his version enough that they started petitions to get the release of the Snyder cut. Those petitions, as of this time, haven’t worked.

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