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411 Fact or Fiction Music 11.16.12: 30 Seconds To Die Young

November 16, 2012 | Posted by Joseph Lee

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Welcome to another edition of Fact or Fiction: Music. I’m your host, Joseph Lee.

This week we have Mikey MiGo against John Downey.

Round 1
1) INXS splitting up was the right way to go. John Downey: FACT.

I thought these guys broke up in the late 80’s and their last few years have basically consisted of going on reunion tours. A quick Google search informs me, though, that they have been recording new music as well, so hey, you learn something new every day. INXS have been around for forever with hardly anyone giving a shit outside of their fanbase, who likely have more important things to attend to than what the band does, such as getting to their AARP meetings on time, so their split is for the best.

Mikey MiGo: FACT.

A lot of bands would have hung it up by now. Vocalist Michael Hutchence died in 1997, but the band still attempted to trek on. They had that Rock Star: INXS show in 2005 which was pretty cool. Tons of reality shows came since then, but I appreciated the fact the show still had some edge and it was legit rock singers. That said, Marty Casey should have won. If they had went with instead of JD Fortune I can honestly say they’d probably have had one good more run. That’s based purely on the “Trees” single he had in his back pocket at the time. After Fortune had one single with the band I really can’t think of anything they’ve done since. I respect the band and they’re find musicians, but they probably should have moved on a good five years ago towards their next endeavors.

Score Card: 1 for 1
Round 2
2) Kid Rock is a much better choice for the Thanksgiving halftime show than Nickelback was last year.
John Downey: FACT.

Anyone, even Kid Rock, whose most noteworthy song begins with him saying “My name is Kid…Kid Rock”, is a better choice in any capacity than Nickelback.

Mikey MiGo: FACT.

No one likes Nickelback. I know they sell millions of records and sell out arenas, but no one REALLY likes them…at least no one that is a real person. I just can’t buy the idea that a real person with real human ears and sensibilities would find anything about this band appealing. I’m not even trying to be hip or ironic. Kid Rock isn’t much better after his vocal alignment with Mitt Romney, but he’s at least better than Nickelback. Granted I DO like Kid Rock a lot better, I dare anyone to tell me that ANYTHING Nickelback has done is as enjoyable as “Bawitdaba” or “Cowboy” or my favorite “Bullgod”. Basically, if he sticks with his old standard then I’m all about it.

Score Card: 2 for 2
Round 3
3) You’re ready for a new 30 Seconds to Mars album. John Downey: FICTION.

It’s not that my body cannot possibly handle new material from 30 Seconds to Mars. It’s that I don’t care. They make music that isn’t as bad as most alt-rock bands out there but still isn’t my cup of tea. Will I listen to their new album? No, but I can see how someone else might give it a chance.

Mikey MiGo: FACT.

I am NOT a fan of 30 Seconds to Mars. I’ve listened to all of their albums and have seen all of their videos. They’re just not my thing. There was even a situation in 2002 where I shouted to Jared Leto to “chew my foreskin”. It was a pretty ridiculous thing to randomly shout at someone, but it ruined their night as openers for Sevendust. I always felt bad about that so I would go out of my way to give this band a chance. The problem is that rock music in general is dying and is almost nonexistent. I might not fully get into a new 30 Seconds to Mars album but it’s at least a big rock release for people to look forward to. Those days are sadly few and far between.

Score Card: 2 for 3


Round 4
4) Ke$ha’s video for “Die Young” was entertaining.
Mikey MiGo: FACT.

It’s a horrible song. I didn’t hate the first part, but as soon as her semi-retarded white girl speak-rap starts it loses all legitimacy. I never want to hear this song again and by the time I finish this paragraph I will have forgotten anything about the actual song. The video on the other hand is pretty decent. The videos are cool and for a 2012 pop video it’s got some edge and some interesting graphics. The director and editor did some nice work for a poorly made track. So despite the fact I hate the song, it’s totally forgettable, and I never want endure it again this video, for a one time viewing, was entertaining.

John Downey: FICTION.

I think that I understand Ke$ha’s gimmick more than most do: she is actually an extremely intelligent person who is making fun of pop tropes in the majority of her songs. In that light, “Die Young” works about as well as any of her other songs. The music video, though, seems to only serve to give Illuminati conspiracists seizures. Most of her videos haven’t been particularly noteworthy, either, but this is an especially bad outing.

Score Card: 2 for 4
Round 5
5) You’re glad Trent Reznor is working on more Nine Inch Nails material.
Mikey MiGo: FACT.

Nine Inch Nails is my favorite music project of all time. That’s the same thing as saying “Trent Reznor is my favorite musician ever”. Both are true. I’ve gone to ten Nine Inch Nails concerts in my life, including dropping mad cash on the “Final Tour”… both of them! I really didn’t get into the last album or two after “Year Zero”, but I’m always for Trent Reznor putting the NIN stamp of approval on new music. The other part of me is weary. I’ve listened to his side project “How to Destroy Angels” with an open mind and open heart and I just can’t get into it. It’s just not finding its own voice. It sounds like watered down NIN stuff. Why not just give us full on NIN material? I’ll gladly pay for another “Final Tour”… again!

John Downey: FICTION.

I’m optimistic, but I reserve expressing actual enthusiasm until I hear something. Yeah, this is the act that gave us Pretty Hate Machine and The Downward Spiral, but one could just as easily associate Nine Inch Nails with their sub-par outings, such as The Fragile, With Teeth, and Year Zero. Trent Reznor is a hell of a talent, but I can’t get excited for his next project…yet.

Score Card: 2 for 5
Round 6
6) You enjoyed Whitney Houston’s posthumous song “Never Give Up”.
Mikey MiGo: FICTION.

It sucks that Houston never got her chance to a big comeback. She had such a great voice for so long and was a huge part of music and pop culture for so long. Towards the end she went off the deep end, but you still never want to see someone go that young in a tragic way. The obligatory pleasantry aside, the song is lack luster and sucks. The weird spoken word crap makes the song seem cheap. Her voice is great and she hits the notes like a champion, but the lyrics are crap. I’m not saying the narrative is crap, but the generic lyrics do nothing good for anyone. Bonus “unreleased” tracks that are typically included with “Greatest Hit” albums suck. This doesn’t change that trend.

John Downey: FICTION.

Maybe the song improved after waste of life Jermaine Dupri’s intro, but I never got to that because of how much I hate Dupri. The song is probably good from an objective standpoint—I can name a dozen great Whitney Houston songs before I could come up with one bad Houston song—but there’s just something about Dupri’s voice that makes me want to smack my head against a wall. Sorry, folks.

Score Card: 3 for 6

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