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411 Music Fact or Fiction: Are We Excited For A New Rolling Stones Album?

August 4, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee

Welcome to the 411 Music Fact or Fiction! This week, Joseph Lee takes on Jeremy Thomas.

Lady Gaga is in the right in her legal issues with Dr. Luke.

Joseph Lee: FACT – Dr. Luke is an idiot and that’s one of his good qualities. This whole Kesha thing has already killed his reputation and now he’s trying to access private conversations in an effort to attack those who support her. Pathetic.

Jeremy Thomas: FACT – It’s always tough to say in regard to legal issues, and I’m not a lawyer so I can’t offer an in-depth legal opinion. What I can say is that, based on my experience in reporting these things, that I am reasonably confident that Gaga will be in the clear. It’s notoriously difficult to prove defamation, which is what Luke seems to be pressing for in his depositions against Gaga. One of the keystones to proving defamation is proving that the claims against him are false — if there were any claims on Gaga’s part, of course. To the best of my knowledge he’s created enough legal doubt to give Kesha’s case issues, but he has yet to prove anything false. I think Gaga is pretty much in the clear here.

A hologram tour for Dio is a bad idea.

Joseph Lee: FACT – I just don’t see the appeal. You’re not seeing Dio live. You’re seeing someone play a video of Dio live. It’s creepy and nonsensical. It might make some money, but I can’t imagine it’d make enough to justify the cost.

Jeremy Thomas: FACT – A hologram tour for anyone is still a bad idea right now. The technology has advanced a lot in the last several years; I still find myself amazed by the Michael Jackson Billboard Music Awards performance from a few years ago. But it’s still a ridiculously gimmicky thing and whatever you may think of the right or wrong of it, there’s only so much of an audience for that. And while I love Dio, we need to be frank: they aren’t Michael Jackson in terms of ticket sales. So if you get a fraction of what Dio’s crowd would normally be, that’s not going to work financially. Moral qualms about resurrecting artists holographically aside, this just doesn’t make sense.

Justin Bieber is not finished with music.

Joseph Lee: FACT – Even if this Chriatian thing sticks, it doesn’t mean he’s done with music. The two aren’t mutually exclusive and I would think Bieber knows that. Now, he may stop with the music he’s making due to his newly-acquired beliefs, but if someone has a passion for something it’s rare they drop it altogether.

Jeremy Thomas: FACT – He may be done with it for a while, perhaps. It’s still too early to say, and all indications seem to be that friends think he based purely on speculation while others say he’s not. But even if he gives it up for a good bit of time — say, several years — he is a young guy who has plenty of time to return to the music scene. Whatever happened to Bieber during his run as a pop star, he still seems to love music and performing; it’s simply the massive celebrity attention that he burned out on. I suspect that, at the very least, he will come back when he’s found his spiritual center even if that takes years.


The news of a new Rolling Stones album is exciting.

Jeremy Thomas: FACT – It absolutely is. I was excited for their last album, even when it just turned out to be a covers album. To put it simply, there is a reason why the Stones are one of the most iconic names in rock music. We haven’t had a new album of original music from them since 2005, marking the longest they’ve gone without releasing new original music. There probably aren’t many albums left in the group, so I’m going to covet whatever we get from them while we have it. I’m all in on a new Stones LP.

Joseph Lee: FACT – I know there’s some naysayers (especially on the Internet) that like to say the band’s too old and should retire, but they can still make great music. The song “Doom and Gloom” was in rotation on my playlists for a while. So I’m definitely down with a new album.

Kanye West’s company should be able to win a lawsuit against Lloyd’s of London.

Jeremy Thomas: FACT – Again, not a lawyer or legal expert. But to the best of my knowledge, an insurer needs proof to deny payment of a claim and according to the best information we have, Lloyd’s doesn’t have that proof. The allegation is that when West cancelled his tour, his company filed a claim with Lloyd’s on their policy. That policy was supposed to include cancellation or non-appearance fees, but Lloyd’s apparently thinks West’s pot use contributed to his breakdown. Lloyd’s knows what they’re doing so there is at least a reasonable chance they win, but if West’s side is right that the company has no proof, I could see a chance to win. Either way, I expect this to ultimately be settled.

Joseph Lee: FACT – Settlement seems more likely, but it really does sound like Lloyd’s doesn’t have a leg to stand on. They’re not paying because they think he was high? What proof do they have? Erratic behavior can be explained by his mental breakdown or the fact that he’s, you know, Kanye West.

You enjoyed The Weeknd’s remix of “Reminder.”

Jeremy Thomas: FACT: I didn’t love it, but I enjoyed it well enough. I file it under the “songs I won’t switch off from, but won’t seek out” category. Weeknd’s voice and production work is as good as ever and while it’s not a lyrically strong effort, it’s good to nod along to while I work. I don’t think the rap contribution were needed, but they didn’t take me out of the song either. This track is sort of the definition of “it’s fine.”

Joseph Lee: FACT – Yeah, sure. It’s not normally my style but this was decent enough. I didn’t really feel one way or the other, but if I had to choose, I’d lean towards “enjoy.”

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