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411 Music Fact or Fiction: Did Kid Rock Do Well For His WWE Hall of Fame Speech?

April 15, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Kid Rock

Welcome to the 411 Music Fact or Fiction!

It’s disappointing that Lindsey Buckingham is no longer with Fleetwood Mac.

Joseph Lee: FACT – Fleetwood Mac are at the point in their careers where they don’t really need him anymore, but that doesn’t make it a huge loss. He was a huge part of the band for so long that it’s gonna take some getting used to.

Jeremy Thomas: FACT – Lindsay Buckingham was, in some ways, the greatest creative force that Fleetwood Mac ever had. And as a big fan of the band, it saddens me that they had to part ways. But ultimately, it’s probably for the best. Buckingham has never been one to hold his tongue when something bothers him and I can imagine that’s difficult to work with from time to time. But I also firmly believe this won’t be the end for them. Everyone leaves Fleetwood Mac for a bit. Christine McVie stepped away in 2007, but returned in 2014. I think Buckingham probably needs to do his own thing (it was very hard not to make a pun about his most well-known song here) for a few years or so, and then he may well return.

You enjoyed Janelle Monae’s video for “Pynk.”

Joseph Lee: FACT – It was fine. It’s not exactly my cup of tea, but it has a positive message and I can get behind that.

Jeremy Thomas: FACT – Okay, so if people hate this I get it. There’s probably no middle ground on this one; you’re either fully on board or the whole thing just doesn’t work. I dug it. Sure, it’s about as subtle as a neon purple van with rainbow neon across it crashing into a glitter factory, but who really cares? I give Monae credit for going all-out on this. It’s a bold song about feminine power and sexuality, and the video needed an appropriately bold tone. There are moments that the whole thing goes a bit too far over the top, but those are far fewer than I expected it to. I wasn’t sure if I would, but yeah I liked this.

Kesha’s track “I Need A Woman to Love” is solid.

Joseph Lee: FACT – Kesha’s vastly improved from her “Tik Tok” days and shows she can actually sing and produce quality tracks. This isn’t as good as “Praying” was, but it’s still decent enough for me.

Jeremy Thomas: FACT – Call me crazy, but I rather liked it. It’s definitely a departure for Kesha, a clear attempt to harness a Janis Joplin sound (no surprise, it’s a cover of “I Need a Man to Love,” a song Joplin herself covered). And while she doesn’t quite nail Joplin’s vocal stylings, she’s as emotive as she needs to be. I think that it’s fair to say that Kesha’s cover isn’t exactly at the level of the original, but it’s still a decently strong song in its own right and I enjoyed it.


The upcoming System of a Down tour will lead to a new album.

Jeremy Thomas: FICTION – It may eventually, but Serj Tankian has suggested this isn’t the case…yet. He told Rolling Stone that they haven’t made progress on any potential new music, saying, “We’ve played each other songs, but we still haven’t come eye to eye on how things should be done for us to be able to move forward with it.” I think that it’s way too early to suggest that the tour will push forward any album plans. I wouldn’t complain, but I’m gonna guess no right now and say that any album will happen on the same schedule it would have, whether this tour happened or not.
Joseph Lee: FICTION – I think we as a society could use another “BYOB” or “Hypnotize” right now, but they’ve been touring for a while with no album in sight. I’d be surprised if we ever got a new one.

Kid Rock did well with his WWE Hall of Fame speech.

Jeremy Thomas: FICTION – Eh, it wasn’t terrible but man, Triple H did a better speech introducing him than he did himself. It was meandering at just six minutes and brushed over the basics so that he could get in some politics jokes that seemed out of place. There were moments that I enjoyed; I appreciated the Joe C. dedication and the Vince McMahon reference was solid, but that’s about it. I appreciate Kid Rock’s influence on WWE and I don’t disagree with his being in the Celebrity Wing at all, but this was pretty much the piss break of Hall of Fame speeches.

Joseph Lee: FACT – I thought he did okay. He kept it short, was gracious and tried to put over the company, so that’s good enough for me, blatant (and admittedly kind of funny) political trolling aisde.

The Spotify/Hulu partnership is a great move for both companies.

Jeremy Thomas: FACT – Obviously, not everyone will get on board. People who have a streaming music service subscription may not want the same for video, and vice versa. But it’s a smart move that will ultimately net them more customers. There are so many streaming services out there that it can be expensive to try/use them all. Believe me, I know. Anything that is going to make those costs more palatable will help business, and I’m sure that will be the case here.
Joseph Lee: FACT – Package deals really should be the future of streaming businesses, because eventually everyone’s gonna have their own service and no one can afford them all. And with Spotify/Hulu, it allows you to get the content of both services for a relatively lower price than getting them individually. Granted, Spotify is free with ads, but Hulu isn’t, and that could be enough for people to bite.

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