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Adele Makes $64,788 Per Day

February 8, 2013 | Posted by Joseph Lee

The Sun reports that Adele has a fortune of $23.7 million and makes $64,788 per day.

This means its no problem to pay $74,269 a month to live in Paul McCartney’s old home in Los Angeles while she rehearses for the OScars. Accounts for her company Melted Stone Ltd show she has $16.2 million in the bank and $7.2 million due on royalties and other payments.

This is due to the success of her album 21 and the US market. The album sold 25 million copies worldwide, three times the sales of 19, which sold seven million. Her income is set to increase for her theme song to the film Skyfall.

The accounts for her company were filed at Companies House and cover the year to April 2012. She made $538,848 the year before. She was born in Tottenham, North London and raised by her mother in a tiny apartment above a bargain shop in South London. She now owns a ten-bedroom mansion in Surrey but went to Los Angeles to prepare for the Oscars.

She will sing “Skyfall” as part of the 50th anniversary James Bond celebration. The song already won a Golden Globe and is up for Best Original Song at the awards ceremony on February 24. Adele, who gave birth to her son Angelo in October, is staying at McCartney’s former nine-bed mansion.

She spends her nights with friend Robbie Williams, who lives ten minutes away with his wife Ayda, after spending the day rehearsing with an orchestra in downtown LA.

A source said: “Adele is really nervous about her Oscars performance, so decided against staying in a hotel where there would be lots of people around. The property’s up in the hills so guarantees her privacy. And what better place to get musical inspiration than an ex-Beatle’s home.

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