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UPDATED: R. Kelly Fails to Post Bond, Will Spend Tonight In Holding Pen

February 23, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
R. Kelly

UPDATE: TMZ reports that R. Kelly failed to post the $100,000 bond by the 9PM cutoff time, meaning he is spending tonight in a holding pen.

ORIGINAL: Things continue to get worse for R. Kelly. After turning himself in last night for ten counts of sexual abuse, TMZ reports that Kelly’s bail has been set at $1 million. Prosecutors provided details for four separate indictments and requested that he not be granted bail. The judge at the Leighton Criminal Court Building in Cook County disagreed and set bail at $250k for each indictment, but Kelly was ordered to surrender his passport.

According to Kelly’s lawyer, his finances are “a mess,” so he can’t pay his bond at the moment. However, a source claims that Kelly will be able to acquire $100,000 soon, which should be enough to post bail and get him released before the trial. That’s a total of ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, with nine of the ten counts involving victims from 13-16 years old. It’s believed that there were four victims total and three of them were minors. The claims detail oral and vaginal sex with a girl between the ages of 13-17.

Attorney Michael Avenatti claims he represents one of the victims. He was at the hearing today with the parents of Azriel Clary, one of Kelly’s alleged sex slaves. Both Clary and Joycelyn Savage, another alleged slave, were at the courtroom. It’s unknown if they had any contact with their parents. Avenatti claims the sex tape he gave to prosecutors shows Kelly having sex with a 14-year-old girl. He released images from the video yesterday that show what appears to be Kelly on the tape. He also insulted Kelly’s lawyer Steven Greenberg, who called all of the alleged victims “liars” and said the sex tape is the same as the one from 2008. Avenatti claims that is a lie. He said that Kelly’s handlers were at the courthouse to keep Axriel Clary’s parents away from her and he thinks Clary has been brainwashed.

Greenberg had a heated talk with a reporter who said he misquoted one of the victims. He accused the reporter of trying to sell books and then dropped several expletives. He reiterated that Kelly should be able to make bail but it’s Saturday and his financial situation isn’t simple. Greenberg added that he’s not ready to give information about the defense yet because he’s reviewing evidence. He concluded with: “He’s a rock star, he doesn’t have to have nonconsensual sex.

Cook County District Attorney Kim Foxx gave more details of the crimes to the press. She said that two of the four victims gave physical evidence to prosecutors: shirts with Kelly’s semen on them.

Until Kelly is able to make bail, he will be in a holding pen by himself. He’s considered a “high profile individual” and the jail doesn’t want him interacting with other inmates for safety reasons. If he doesn’t bond out tonight, he’ll get his own cell.

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