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Blac Chyna Criticized For Promoting Skin-Bleaching Cream in Africa

November 20, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Blac Chyna

– Blac Chyna has been called out on social media for her plans to promote a new skin-bleaching cream in Nigeria. The model and reality star posted to Instagram announcing that she is travelling to Lagos later this month to promote Whitenicious, a $250-per-jar product that lightens people’s complexions. You can see her post below.

Skin-bleaching products are controversial for a variety of reasons. As Buzzfeed notes, long-term use of skin-bleaching creams have been linked to a variety of health risks including cancer, kidney damage, blindness, and depression. It also has been accused of contributing to negative perceptions about darker skin. The prevailing attitude in media and advertising is that lighter skin is more attractive than darker pigmentations.

Whitenicious’ creator Dencia recently spoke with Ebony and defended the product, stating it is intended only for “dark spot correction” and hyper-pigmentation. She said that none of the more hamrful ingredients found in standard bleaching creams are used in hers, saying, “This product doesn’t have hydroquinone, it doesn’t have steroids, and it doesn’t have mercury.”

Regardless, the announcement drew exactly the kind of ire you might expect from social media, with several people calling her out for promoting the product, particularly in a region of the world where body esteem issues regarding dark skin is very common. According to the World Health Organisation, almost 77% of Nigerian women use skin-bleaching products regularly. A rep for Chyna told TMZ that she has used it for years to manage her hyper-pigmentation and wanted to help other black women who have similar issues.

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