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Blink-182 Frontman Says The Band Was At Odds While Recording Last Album

December 14, 2012 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Blink-182’s frontman says that the band was exceedingly tense while recording their last album. Tom DeLonge spoke with Billboard and said that while recording 2011’s Neighborhoods, their first in five years, the band barely spoke.

“We weren’t even in the same room,” he said. “We were barely talking; we were in different studios. No one really commented on each other’s parts, no one pressed anyone’s buttons. Everyone was on eggshells.”

DeLonge said that their new EP Dogs Eating Dogs was a much smoother process, noting, “We’re connecting and laughing and making jokes and making fun of each other,” says DeLonge. “There was no laughing on Neighbourhoods.”

As for their split from Interscope, he said, “It was totally us. We’re ready to move on. At the same time, what (Interscope does) best and what they know how to do at this moment is more like hip-hop and R&B and pop music. There are a lot of labels that are doing really well with rock bands and they’re just not one of them. I just don’t think the partnership made any sense.”

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