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Bon Jovi Speaks on Their New Tour and Album

January 23, 2013 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

Billboard spoke with Bon Jovi on their upcoming Because We Can tour which stars on February 9 in Uncasville, Connecticut. Also their new album, What About Now will be released march 26, six sweeks into their tour.

Keyboardist David Bryan said in a pre-tour press conference that: “With every tour we try to up our game with that, without making it such a production that you lose the fact there’s a band there. For us it enhances what we do, and we’ve got some really cool tricks up our sleeve. It’s really looking cool.”

Bryan on their recording process for the new album: “There’s extra ones on the side he’ll call, so we’re always ready. We never do the same set twice…We play for at least two and a half hours, sometimes longer, so there’s a lot of songs from all the records. And we know there’s a stable we as fans would want to hear, so we always give them, then we change up a bunch of songs and throw in a couple new ones.”

Sambora on the the sales of their new album: “What it really sounds like is us at the end of the day. A band like us that’s been around for almost 30 years now, we’re not chasing anything but ourselves… I think at the end of the day, that’s the way it really ends up.” Bryan added that, “If you put the four of us (including drummer Tico Torres) in a room, it’s going to sound like us, so it’s us. It’s us that’s the next step, if you will.”

The Bon Jovi group will be going to Los Angeles on April 19, where this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of fame inductions will be held at the Nokia Theater. Bon Jovi will be eligible for induction. On that prospect, Sambora stated, “I don’t think anybody’s dwelling on it.”

Drummer Torres said: “It’s an ongoing thing. There’s a long list of great bands that need to go in there, and only a few can go in every year. It’s something that even being nominated is an honor. It’s nice to be in that company. There’s such a long list of great, great musicians and some that are still alive that are eligible. You don’t lose sleep over it.”

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