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Britney Spears’ Father Wants Kevin Federline’s Tax Returns

March 22, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Britney Spears

As we previously reported, Kevin Federline has reportedly asked Britney Spears’ father Jamie for more child support money. Jamie is the executor of Spears’ finances and believes that Federline is just seeking more money that he doesn’t actually need for their kids. TMZ reports that Jamie wants a copy of Federline’s tax returns so he can determine if Federline is actually working and earning a living. Federline has so far claimed he needs the money to support his two boys from his marriage with Spears.

On the flip side, Federline’s lawyer also sent Jamie a letter demanding Britney’s 2017 tax return. Federline will get the letter in a day or two. Jamie will not give Federline any more money than the $20,000 a month he current receives unless he’s told how the money is being used. Jamie thinks that Federline is using it on his four other children from different women. Federine and his lawyer have yet to reveal where the money is going, but they still have asked for more child support.

Jamie wants to make sure the boys are getting the right care from Federline and Britney. If a judge believes that she should pay more, then he’ll do it.