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Butch Vig Says Nirvana’s Nevermind Was 90 Percent Dave Grohl

August 4, 2016 | Posted by Joseph Lee

In an interview with Ultimate Guitar, Butch Vig, the producer of Nirvana’s Nevermind, said the album was 90% Dave Grohl. Here are highlights:

On the pressure of working on Nevermind at Sound City since it wasn’t his own studio: “I was a little bit nervous before I flew out to LA because I had done most of my production at Smart Studios in Madison. I had done some work at a couple studios in Milwaukee and a couple studios in Chicago I had been in and out of a few times. I had never been to Sound City but I knew a lot of the records that had been made there. I knew they had a Neve console and I talked to the band and they were like, ‘Yeah, we wanna record there. It’s supposed to be a great tracking room and they got a Neve and they gave us a really good budget.'”

On the first song he heard the band play live: “The first song they played was “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” I just kept pacing around the room and going, “Oh, my god. This sounds fuckin’ amazing.” Dave is an incredible musician. He really is. People always say, “How’d you get that sound on ‘Nevermind’?” and 90 percent of it is Dave Grohl. I just miked drums the way I normally miked drums and that room, Sound City is what it is. But it’s just how Dave plays and he’s just so, so powerful.”

On not knowing what he wanted Garbage to sound like on the first album: “It was just so much fun to do and there was no pressure on us and no expectations. We had no grand plan for Garbage to be this long term entity. We were just gonna make this interesting record and we were lucky we found Shirley [Manson] and she wanted to sing and then join the band. None of us had any intention of touring so we were just gonna make a cool studio record and put it out and maybe do a little bit of promotion. I was planning on getting back to production fulltime.”

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