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Cardi B Says Jussie Smollett Screwed Up Black History Month

February 20, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Cardi B

Cardi B has an opinion on Jussie Smollett, and as you might expect it’s not a great one. The rapper went live on Instagram on Monday (per Uproxx and accused Smollett of “f**k[ing] up Black History Month” with his allegedly staged attack.

“I’m really disappointed in Jussie Smollett, whatever the f**k his name is,” Cardi said. “I’m really disappointed in him. I feel like he f**ked up Black History Month, bro. Damn.”

She did note that she is keeping an open mind, saying, “Until he says out his mouth that it was fake and this sh*t was staged, I don’t want to completely blame him. Because somebody I was talking to said police in Chicago are racists, so they might try to frame him and make him look like he’s a liar. But if he’s not, then bro, you f**ked up for real.”

She’s not wrong, assuming he’s done what he is being accused of. Smollett is conceivably facing a possible felony indictment on charges of filing a false police report.