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Items for Cardi B’s Coachella Rider Include Alcohol, Coffee, and Red Bull

April 15, 2018 | Posted by AJ Grey
Cardi B

TMZ reportedly obtained a copy of Cardi B’s rider for Coachella. The article noted that the items listed on the rider are likely for her crew and entourage, such as the alcohol, since Cardi B is pregnant.

You can check out the list of items for Cardi B’s Coachella rider below:

– 6 dozen white roses
– Degree spray deodorant
– Gillette razors
– Grilled/fried chicken
– Caesar salad
– Roasted vegetables
– 2 bottles of D’usse
– 2 bottles of Hennessy
– 1 Bottle of 1942 tequila
– 20 bottles of water
– Red Bull
– Fresh coffee

Cardi B is due to give birth in the first week of July. All the alcohol, Red Bull and coffee is said to be for her team members. The roses are definitely said to be for her.

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