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Chris Cornell’s Engineer Claims He Was High During Last Performance

May 24, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Chris Cornell

TMZ reports that Chris Cornell’s house engineer and tour manager Ted Keedick claims Cornell was high during his final performance in Detroit, hours before he committed suicide. Keedick has worked with Cornell for the past decade.

He said: “Chris was out of character from note 1 of the show. I’ve never heard or seen him that way before, at least if we did not cancel a show.

He added that Cornell was “high” and “f***ed up,” but not depressed. He said during sound check, the singer appeared to be in a good mood. This matches what Cornell’s wife Vicky said about her phone conversations with him before and after the show. She claimed that Cornell told her he took “an extra Ativan or two,” which bothered her enough that she called hotel security to check on him. It was a member of Cornell’s security that found his body after he hanged himself.

Keedick claims Cornell was off during the whole performance. He added: “I’d never heard his voice that way before. He was having serious control problems.

Keedick was in the audience with a mixing board. At one point he was so worried he called backstage and asked what was wrong with Cornell.

The singer had drug abuse issues for years but his wife says he was sober at the time of his death.

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