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Dame Dash Says Jay-Z Knew That R. Kelly “Violated” Aaliyah And Worked With Him Anyway

January 7, 2019 | Posted by Ashish
R. Kelly

Surviving R. Kelly, Lifetime’s documentary series on R. Kelly and the many women he allegedly abused, kidnaped, and/or had sexual relations with when they were minors, continues to spark controversy. One of the major revelations from the show is one of Kelly’s former back-up dancers stating that she personally saw Kelly, then 27, having sex with Aaliyah on his tour bus when she was only 15 years old and one of Kelly’s former assistants admitting that he forged papers so that Kelly and Aaliyah could get married with her listed as being 18 years old when she was actually only 15.

This is where Dame Dash enters the story. Dash co-founded Roc-A-Fella Records with Jay-Z in 1995, but the two ended up having a falling out years later. Dash has now revealed to Hip-Hop Motivation that R. Kelly and Aaliyah were at the center of that falling out which ultimately damaged his friendship with Jay.

Dash dated Aaliyah from 2000 until she died in 2001, after she broke away from R. Kelly. He described Aaliyah trying to talk to him about her ordeal with Kelly but not being able to.

“I remember Aaliyah trying to talk about it and she couldn’t. She would just leave it at, ‘That dude was a bad man,’ Dash said. “And I didn’t really want to know what he did, to the extent that I would, you know, deal with it because that’s what a man does. But it was so much hurt for her to revisit it. I wouldn’t want to revisit it without a professional. Whatever got done was terrible.”

After Aaliyah died in 2001, and the stories and rumors about Kelly and Aaliyah were well known in the music industry, Jay-Z decided to do a collaboration album with R. Kelly titled The Best of Both Worlds even though his partner, Dash, wanted nothing to do with Kelly. Dash claims that Jay-Z knew that R. Kelly had “violated” Aaliyah, but decided to work with Kelly anyway.

“If you remember The Best of Both Worlds, you don’t see my name on that, you know what I mean?” Dash said. He added that he refused to be credited on the album and donated his share of the profits from the album to a breast cancer charity that Aaliyah supported.

Dash went on to say that after this, he knew he and Jay “weren’t the same” morally and that he didn’t want to work with Jay on Roc-A-Fella anymore.

Jay-Z is also one of several artists that Surviving R. Kelly producer dream hampton has said refused to speak on camera for the documentary (other celebrities who refused to speak on camera for the documentary included Mary J. Blige, Lil Kim, and Dave Chappelle). John Legend was the only major celebrity from the music industry to speak on camera against Kelly for the documentary.

R. Kelly has denied any wrong doing with Aaliyah and Aaliyah’s mother came out a few days ago to say that the back-up dancer’s claim that Kelly had sex with Aaliyah when she was 15 were “lies.”

Spotify says streams of Kelly’s music have increased since the documentary started airing.

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