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Daymond John Explains Why He Told R. Kelly to Kill Himself Once in Jail

January 7, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
R. Kelly

Daymond John spoke with TMZ to explain why he tweeted that R. Kelly should “kill [him]self while in jail” over the sexual abuse allegations against him. John, who appears on Shark Tank, posted to Twitter and excoriated Kelly on Sunday night, saying, “Hey [R. Kelly], please don’t take your life now that we all know how f**king disgusting you are. Thats way too easy! Make amends with the victims and the families, serve your time and then kill yourself while in jail.”

John told the outlet that he was watching Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly docuseries with his daughter and was incensed by the allegations against him. He believes that based on what he saw in the series, Kelly must have spent millions covering his crimes up and that he needs to atone one way or another.

You can see John’s comments below. John says he is an advocate for mental health and knows that telling someone to kill themselves is “extremely strong and emotional.” He says he never supported R. Kelly even way back when the initial allegations came out against him with his sex tape, but thought he had “gotten lucky” and would maybe seek some help. That not having happened, John says that seeing this was the last straw for him.

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