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Kanye West Attending a Drake Concert Will Resolve Their Feud

September 9, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Kanye West

TMZ has an update on apparent drama between rappers Kanye West and Drake. Previously, West took to Twitter to apologize to Drake for leaving Drake off of “Lift Yourself.”

Additionally, he also apparently denied revealing to Pusha T. that Drake has a secret son, something that Pusha T. revealed on a diss track. The way to resolve this feud is for West to attend one of Drake’s concerts.

West later praised Drake, saying, “The images (from the show) look incredible online.” Drake has reportedly given word to security that Kanye West is not banned from his concert tour and is allowed to be let in.

Kanye West has not yet reached out for tickets, but he could also buy his own later on. The report also suggests that West won’t be invited on stage for a guest spot if he attends a concert.

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