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Ex-Queen Guitarist Named Person of the Year By PETA UK

December 30, 2012 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Former Queen guitarist Brian May has been named the Person of the Year by PETA UK. The organization announced that May received the honor for his efforts to stop the killing of badgers through his group Team Badger, which was formed alongside PETA and various other animal welfare groups. Badgers are under threat in the UK due to farmers getting licenses to shoot them in order to reduce tuberculosis in cattle.

PETA UK executive Mimi Bekhechi said, “In his fight to save Britain’s badgers, Brian May never backed down: he spread his message of compassion for animals through everything he said, wrote and even wore until the world sat up and paid attention. His tenacity and boldness are an inspiration to kind people everywhere.”

May discussed the issue, saying, “The disease comes from cows, it doesn’t come from badgers. It’s a very unfair situation. Badgers have been the scapegoat for years and years and farmers have been killing badgers for many, many years now…All the scientific evidence that’s been done – 11,000 badgers were killed in the ISG [Independent Scientific Group]’s experiment…and their conclusion was that killing badgers cannot meaningfully contribute to the problem of bovine TB in cattle. It’s completely unequivocal.”


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