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Exclusive: Adlib Week 2 Vlog & J.O The Last Man Q&A

March 10, 2015 | Posted by Bill Rock

Below is the second 411mania exclusive video blog from Phily rapper Adlib while on the Sound Of Sensi Tour.

The remaining tour dates are as follows:


3/10 – San Fransico, CA @ 50 Mason Social

3/11 – San Jose, CA @ Back Bar SoFA

3/12 – Redwood City, CA @ Bobby D’s

3/13 – Gardenville, NV @ Buckaroos

3/18 – Twin Falls, ID @ Hometown Sports

3/19 – Salt Lake City,  UT @ Area 51

3/20 – Rock springs, WY @ The Elks Lodge

3/21 – Denver, CO @ TBA

3/22 – Colorado Springs, CO @ Speak Easy Vape Lounge

4/03 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Fire

4/04 – Allentown, PA @ Sportmans Café

Additionally, here is an exclusive Q&A with J.O The Last Man owner of Sensi-Starr and the clothing line:


  1. Give us an idea of how Sensi-Starr got its started and how it evolved into a clothing line? 


J.O The Last Man: At Sensi Starr we’ve always had the mission to keep our quality control high. With that in mind, its very easy to marry a bunch of different mediums to music. Its all about branding and using all of our resources and tools. Between all of the physical artists we know that deserve to get some shine, and the fact that quality clothing is so easy to obtain, I feel like clothing was kind of a no brainer.


  1. What do you look for in a Sensi-Starr artist when considering someone for the label?


J.O The Last Man: Its funny because as weird as it may sound, talent is actually not the first thing. I do feel like our roster is very strong talent-wise, but the catch is that all these guys are ready for the war to come. Our biggest draw right now is Adlib, and the guy tours 200+ days a year. Our artists need to be 100% serious, and treat their music as a business/career. They have to be ready to make sacrifices at the drop of a dime in order to organically build not only their brand, but the Sensi Starr brand. This music shit can show the men from the mice very quickly.


  1. The website recently got re-launched with a sleek new look and some cool blog content. Tell us about that?


J.O The Last Man: We’re very proud of the new website and the direction that our web team is going. Lee Kancher at Right Brain Media has done an amazing job bringing all of our lives into a functional, accessible medium in the form of Again, this is about building a brand, and first impressions are key for that. These last few months of work have really paid off. I feel like we have a better website than most of the major labels. will be the go-to place for all of our noise. We will be constantly updating content. You can browse all of our videos and music or shop in the store. You can even check out our new blogs for some good reads. Websites are a constant moving and evolving being, so its surely still a work in progress, but eventually will become the One Stop for all things Sensi.


  1. You are currently out on the Sound of Sensi Tour across the country. Give us a run down of what life is like out there on the road for you guys?


J.O The Last Man: Road life is great. We’re all really good friends, and very professional. These things make life out here much easier. The crowds and supporters have been amazing. Some of the shows have been super, rockstar, epic. Its crazy to think about how plateaued life can seem in the local circuit. Its not until you take the risk and spread your wings, that you start to realize there is an entire planet of people waiting for something like our movement to grab their attention.


There’s also way too much free pot. Most of these places have way different rules than the east coast. We can’t smoke it as fast as they’re throwing it at us. We’ll be coming home super spoiled I’d imagine…


  1. You and the entire Sensi-Starr crew are avid pot smokers. What do you think of the legalization movement today and where it needs to go for the future?


J.O The Last Man: This country was built with the idea that Marijuana would remain one of our cash crops. And its impossible to ignore the progress Denver and Colorado as a whole have made. The states that are legalizing are truly benefitting and the states that haven’t jumped on can be nothing but jealous at this point. It opens up a lot of doors for jobs and small business and thats not even talking about medical benefits.


Please remember, we are at the frontlines of this thing. Having relationships with ILLadelph, Primal Expressions, Norml, and Kind Banking helps a lot. Also being a trademarked logo with a Pot Leaf on it further solidifies our stance. I’m hoping to see Sensi Starr hashbars all over the world in the next decade.


  1. What Sensi-Starr project are you most looking forward to in 2015?


J.O The Last Man: I can’t even say. We have a lot of heat coming. Adlib is about to drop his collab EP with Rob The Viking from Swollen Members. Ghetto MC is dropping a mixtape and an official LP, plus working with Buckwild from DITC on a side project. Skrewtape and Ren Thomas are cooking up something crazy for the UPS Is Hiring project, not to mention Caesar Glomgold and The Smoke Sessions Vol. 2 Roster Project. Any one of these projects is guaranteed to impress. They will all have a full tour, real promotion, and top quality songs behind them. Plus we have some top secret shit in the works. We’re not here to waste anyone’s time. Its literally Sensi Starr Everything.


For more information on Adlib or Sensi Star visit

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