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Fergie Slammed For NBA All-Star Game National Anthem Performance

February 18, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Fergie gave the National Anthem what could charitably be called a “unique” spin, and she’s drawing some backlash for it. The pop star performed the Anthem to kick off the NBA All-Star Game and delivered a rendition that was heavy on sex appeal, but low on enunciation (she somehow failed to put an “F” at the end of “proof,” for example). You can check out the performance below.

The performance didn’t go over well with fans or celebrities, who quickly took to Twitter to react to the odd choice of style. At the announcer’s booth, Charles Barkley tried to bring up the performance and when Shaquille O’Neal tried to be diplomatic and call it “different,” Barkley shot back, “Damn right it was different. I needed a cigarette after that.”

There was, at least, one pseudo-defender of the performance, or at least someone who had a long enough memory to posit that it may not have the “worst ever”. Although, to be fair, they acknowledge they didn’t see it:

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