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Former Pearl Jam Drummer Says They Didn’t Get Official Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction

April 14, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Dave Abbruzzese says that despite perceptions to the contrary, he did not get invited to join Pearl Jam at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. Abbruzzese posted to Facebook saying that despite the group saying on social media that all the drummers in the band’s history were invited, they never reached out to him personally.

When the band was announced as an inductee, Abbruzzese — who drummed on Vs. and Vitalogy — was not included, nor ex-drummers Matt Chamberlain and Jack Irons. (Current drummer Matt Cameron and Dave Krusen, who played on Ten, were.) Abbruzzese took public issue with the snub and the band tweeted that all drummers were welcome to join them. Cameron, Krusen and Irons attended.

Abbruzzese took to Facebook and said that, “The band tweeted that they welcomed the idea of the event granting the possibility of all the drummers to be in the same room. That isn’t an invite.” He said that while he had a deep respect for all drummers, particularly those who performed with the band, “For the band to put me in the same light as Matt Chamberlain & Dave K really was a slap in the face. Nothing to do with those guys as people or players. Respect … but as a contributor? A band member? A definitive contributor to the energy and power of where the band went? … the sacrifices, the work, the physical and emotional contributions … not to mention the personal weight of carrying on through and after unceremonious and disrespectful way I was fired. I gave this band all I had to give every single moment I was in it.”

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