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Hammer of Doom News Report 07.02.12

July 2, 2012 | Posted by Robert Cooper


Welcome yet again, Metal Faithful, to the only stop you’ll need this week on the heavy metal train, the Hammer of Doom. Still I am your metal missionary, Robert Cooper, and while this week has been very stagnant on big metal news minus one story, I wont be busting out my CD review section this week, because while I only have a few real newsworthy stories to talk about this week, the first story is quite a doozy. So beyond that, we’ll start with some news snippets, then after the other news, we’ll have the albums for the week and respond to reader comments, and of course we’ll top it all off with the global metal song for the week.

So without further ado, let us open the doors and listen to…


Bassist Rudy Sarzo Announces Departure From Blue Öyster Cult

Guy is a legend, but a band as big as Blue Öyster Cult should have no problem finding a replacement that is almost as good as Rudy.

Slipknot Guitarist Jim Root To Miss Mayhem Festival Shows Due To Burst Appendix

I feel bad for the guy, because a burst appendix sounds incredibly painful, but I’m sure they’ll find another person to cover for him, gotta make sure there are more people on the stage than a Chicago show.

Shadows Fall Drummer To Fill In For Anthrax’s Charlie Benante On Mayhem Fest Tour

It’s a hand injury, so you can’t drum with that, but damn if everyone isn’t dropping from this tour.

Kiss To Release ‘Monster’ In October

I’m sure it will be another fine release from the legendary band, nothing has given me indication that it wont.

Guitarist Peter Wichers Quits Soilwork Again

I know that they’ve already replaced him, so that’s good, though he’s a very good guitarist.

New Agalloch EP Available For Streaming

After I finish listening to the new Eye of Solitude album( which is great), I will be listening to this, and I can’t wait. The stream is HERE!

Atheist Rejoined By Bassist Tony Choy!

This guy is by all accounts one of the best bassists in metal, and being back in Atheist can only bring good things.

Soulfly Mainman Says It’s ‘An Honor’ To Play ‘Gathering Of The Juggalos’ Festival

He’s entitled to his opinion, but that festival is the epicenter for a massive douchequacke.

Vince Neil Is About To Get His Pilot’s License

Considering what this guy has done behind the wheel of a car, making him aerial could never go wrong.

There were a lot of little stories to comment on, but now let’s get to the meat, open your hymnals and along with…


Randy Blythe gets a surprise in Europe….

This is the only really big story this week, and there is plenty of information on it, but I think it’s best that we start from the beginning.

According to the Czech news web site Novinky, vocalist Randy Blythe of Richmond, Virginia metallers LAMB OF GOD was arrested earlier today (Wednesday, Jun 27th) in the Czech Republic and charged with manslaughter over an incident that happened more than two years ago.

Blythe, 41, reportedly got into an altercation with a fan who had come on stage during the band’s show at the Prague club Abaton in May 2010 and the fan later died of his injuries.

After the 2010 incident, those who know the band heard the intruder may have been struck with a microphone before the security team forced him from the stage, reports Richmond’s TV station CBS-6.

When LAMB OF GOD arrived on Thursday to play a show at the Rock Café in Prague with SKELETONWITCH and ALL SHALL PERISH, the local police brought the musician in for questioning. LAMB OF GOD’s appearance at the venue was canceled later in the day.

When I first heard about this, I was highly confused, because it’s not every day that news like this lands on the interwebz. Soon, the band’s publicist, Adrenaline PR, issued a statement a series of statements.

“LAMB OF GOD management will be issuing an official statement on Monday(July 2nd) regarding the charges made against singer Randy Blythe. As no formal charges have yet been made and the case is only in the investigation stages, it would be premature to make an official statement filled with false truths or innuendos.

“Having said that, management wished to address today one false piece of information that has been included in many of the news stories released so far. Under no circumstances was there a fight of any kind involved. This incident deals with a fan that three times during the concert jumped the barricade and rushed Randy during the performance. It is alleged that the third time, security was not able to reach him and that Randy pushed him back into the audience where supposedly he fell and hit his head.

“Again, until the investigation is concluded this weekend, nothing more will be released, but clarity and the facts needed to be addressed on this one reported point which is totally inaccurate.”

In the time between when the news was dropped and the time I am writing this, many musicians have chimed in on their opinions, most of them boil down to, “crazy news, can’t believe it, I think Randy is innocent”. Though the three that tend to go a little more farther than that are from Disturbed frontman David Draiman, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, and Exodus bassist Jack Gibson.

Mr. Draiman said in response to a fan asking what he thought about Randy Blythe “slaughtering” a fan at a concert 2 years ago (which is what all these charges are over), Draiman replied…

“[Randy] didnt ‘slaughter’ anyone. The kid jumped on stage and started a brawl, and Randy defended himself. That his life was lost in the process is truly unfortunate, but Randy is my friend and he’s no murderer. I feel for the child and for the family and for Randy, but you have to understand that ever since Dimebag Darrell [late PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN guitarist] was assaulted, shot, and murdered on stage by a ‘fan,’ all of us have been very defensive/cautious of anyone jumping up on stage. I’m not saying that it’s OK, or justified, or anything like that, only that it’s an unfortunate/tragic set of circumstances, and that I know Randy’s intention was not to kill the kid. That’s my opinion. I’ve heard yours. That is all.”

In an interview with Nick Azinas of Peek from the Pit, Jack Gibson, who is the bassist of legendary thrash band Exodus, had this to say when Mr. Azinas asked him about his thoughts on the situation, Mr. Gibson has this to say…

“I’m very surprised that that happened. I mean, we’ve had very [much] the same type of thing happen. We had a guy get on stage and was singing with Rob [Dukes, EXODUS vocalist] arm-in-arm, and when Rob pulled the mic away, the guy didn’t wanna go and he grabbed Rob’s arm and twisted him and Rob beat the fucking shit out of him on stage for it and [rightfully] so. And I got in there and wanted to give him the boot. That’s our stage when we’re there, you know what I mean?! That’s our shit up there — that’s our stuff, our pedals, our guitars… That’s our place. Everybody knows what happened to Dimebag [late PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott who was shot and killed onstage while performing with DAMAGEPLAN in December 2004] — this guy just walks onstage and he’s out of his fucking mind and shit goes incredibly wrong. There’s a lot of bands that, after that happened, they just said, ‘No people on stage, period.’ For us, it’s kind of part of our shows — letting people get up and jump off and all that stuff. We kind of have this… It’s kind of a collective idea of who’s been on stage too long. Like, you just know when a guy is not wanting to… You know, you get up, you can headbang, you can even come over and give us [a quick pat on the back], and run, and then you’ve gotta go — you’ve gotta go. I don’t know, man. That’s a little bit disturbing. Of course, I have sympathy for the kid who died and that he was in a coma, all that. Of course, I don’t like to see anybody die or say that anybody deserved anything or whatever, but I am very surprised that that happened. And I can’t imagine that a good lawyer isn’t gonna get this settled, because it’s like, if you come on stage, you’re trespassing, you know what I mean?! It’s almost like we just have to wait and see how this shakes out. I super-hope it [sorts itself out], ’cause that’s a pretty serious situation, so I hope for [Randy] it’s alright.”

The third quote block if from Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, he weighs in by saying…

“[It’s] complete and utter bullshit for [Randy] to be treated like a criminal for something he didn’t do. Now fans can see first-hand why there’s no stagediving anymore. Especially in the post-Darrell world we live in. [Referring to late PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN guitarist ‘Dimebag’ Darrell Abbott, who was killed on stage by a crazed ‘fan’ in December 2004.] It’s all fun and games until people get murdered, die and get arrested.” He added, “Randy didn’t cause that fan’s death. That fan chose his path. People need to take responsibility for their actions no matter what the consequence. Of course it’s sad that this person died, it’s a tragedy, but it’s not Randy’s fault. I wouldn’t have expected this to happen in Europe. The repercussions from this are going to make shows even more stringent than they already are.”

The video on the website (found here) shows the incident in a pretty low quality light, at about 58 seconds in, you can see someone being thrown by Blythe from the front of the stage into the crowd. This was the first time that the kid was on stage, the time where he was kicked by Blythe is not shown, but it is said that he landed on his head after being thrown and that impact knocked him into a coma, which he later died from a few weeks later. It is truly a sad, sad story, and there is not a winner here, no matter what a court will say.

Though reports say that the place that they were in was a place that was very “stage-diver friendly” and the other two bands that were there did not seem to mind. If this was the third time that the fan in question had been on the stage after being kicked off by security twice, I can see why Mr. Blythe would throw him off. At the moment, it probably seemed like the right thing to do, though in retrospect, there was more than likely a better way that it could have been handled. I know it would not have been the metal thing to do, but after that third time, it would have been probably a better idea to wait for security to get him and have him thrown out. After you do whatever song is played, you explain to the audience that what happened to that guy was not what you wanted to happen, but he should have gotten the hint already that the baricade is there for a reason and you shouldn’t be jumping it, so sadly he was made an example. Then again, he apparantly said “Come on Up” in between two songs, though whether or not it was directed towards the fan in question was never revealed. Regardless, throwing the fan into the crowd yourself is how you end up with charges placed upon you in foreign countries.

In my opinion, there is a certain fear that everyone has in the post-Dimebag world of concerts. You truly do not know what the guy jumping on the stage will do, and that can make people running up on stage to be a scary thing. That being said, this guy was probably a dumb kid( much like myself), and I can more than likely guess that he was not there to try and kill anyone, because if he were, he’d do it the first time he was up. He was probably just there to tell his friends that he did it. The guy’s friends did say that he had not been doing any drinking or drugs at the time, so he was just being a knuckleheaded kid. The guy was 19, which is just a year younger than myself, and I can say as someone who is of that age, that I wouldn’t really think twice about jumping on a stage during a concert, because it seems like it’d be a fun thing to do.

What Mr. Draiman said on twitter had some pretty good points in it, I have no doubt that Mr. Blythe did not mean to kill the kid, and that while the fear of what happened to Dimebag is a very real fear, he was not justified in throwing the kid off the stage, because by what I saw in the video is the kid rushed on the stage and Mr. Blythe grabbed him and tossed him off, which is a bit of a violent response to someone just being stupid, I didn’t see the guy assault him in any way, which if he did, would deserve an ass beating. Which bring me to Mr. Ian’s comment about how the kid chose his path, which is true, he very much did so choose it. The sentence right after kind of deflates his point though, that people need to own up to their actions and suffer the consequences, which unfortunately for Mr. Blythe is to face the facts that what he did, while not with the intent to kill, turned sour and ended up going horribly wrong.

The more I think about this, the more I think that Mr. Blythe should get some sort of punishment because it was his throw from the stage that killed the kid, no matter how you spin it, the kid being thrown from the stage and landing on the floor was what put him in a coma, which killed him. The accounts that I have read on the internet, which should be taken with a grain of salt, range from the kid was trying to attack him, to Randy Blythe was pretty violent with a lot of the fans that night that tried to get on stage, and seeing that I was not there, I can’t comment much on that. But I don’t think it should be too severe, mind you, because while a life was lost, and it was indeed tragic, it was not done with intent to kill, and Mr. Blythe was more than likely just trying to get the kid off the stage in a forceful manner. He may get off on the fact that it was accidental, I’m not defense attorney, but no matter what happens to him, no one wins, it was for the most part accidental, and a tragedy for all. Though reports say that he is out, or will soon be out on bail.

This is depressing, goddamn…I need a laugh….

Probably a little more tasty than drinking metal!

So it seems that it’s all the rage to release your own brand of beverage nowadays if you are a band, since we’ve had Motorhead lager, Slayer wine, and now we get AD/DC brand wine, which has been available in Australia since last year, and Charlie Benante has his own brand of coffee.

Apparently, the AC/DC wine must be good, because it sold more than 50,000 cases since its debut last fall. What makes this stand far and above the other alcoholic beverages that have been gotten names slapped on them by brands?, hell if I know! As long as it’s done dirt cheap, they should turn a profit.


Hanging with Mr. Cooper

According to, legendary rocker Alice Cooper made a quick detour from his “No More Mr. Nice Guy” U.S. tour on Sunday, June 24 to attend a fundraising event benefiting the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. OMRF scientists have discovered an experimental compound that has shown effectiveness in shrinking tumors in lab animals, and the proceeds from this event will help pay for the clinical trials needed for people suffering from a deadly form of brain cancer. Alice joined Shooter Jennings and his band on stage at the end of Jennings’ performance, ripping through well-received versions of Chuck Berry’s “Nadine” and the immortal Cooper classic “School’s Out”. After the surprise performance, Alice offered for auction a once-in-a-lifetime “On Stage With Alice” package, and legendary University Of Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer provided the winning bid! Barry’s bid contributed $50,000 at the urging of David Chernicky (who also won an “On Stage With Alice” auction, having just performed with Alice Saturday night in Atlanta).

I know Alice is a nice guy, everyone has probably heard a story about the guy helping someone out, the one I always go back to is the one where he approached Megadeth about their drinking problems in the 80s. This is incredibly cool of the guy though, to offer a spot on his stage to help cancer research. If I had the money, I’d have given as much as I could, not just because it’s a chance to perform on stage( still on my bucket list), not to mention, with Alice Cooper, who managed to make me like a Lady Gaga song. Even if you lose the bid, it’s for a good cause, so you can’t complain all that much.

Happy December 25th, Cheapasses!

Melodic Death Metal band Odium has a free single, called “No Way Out” to download off of their bandcamp profile, which is right HERE!

Folk metal band Trollfest has a free download HERE, just subscribe to the newsletter on the site and you’ll get the download.

Now push open the doors and bask in the glory of…


For this week in metal, we HAVE!

The Aftermath” by California(US) thrash metal band Bonded By Blood

Rise” by Pennsylvania(US) traditional heavy metal band Icarus Witch

Individuation” by UK sludge metal band Latitudes

The Sins of Aquarius” by Australian black thrash band Mongrel’s Cross

Falling Angels” by Chilean power metal Six Magics

Death’s Crown” by Tampa(US) death metal band Southwicked

and for THE ALBUM OF THE WEEK we have…
At the Gate of Sethu” by South Carolina(US) technical/brutal death metal band Nile

Now for 3 albums from last week that didn’t suck!
“Composition of Flesh” by Corrosive Carcass, which was brutal as hell.
“Sui Caedere” by Eye of Solitude, which was a great death/doom release, that I suggest you go buy.
Of course, my pick of the week, “L’enfant Sauvage” by Gojira, which was great stuff, it was typical Gojira, with a bit more of a melodic touch to it.
Now that we have talked our metal for the week, let us let something else talk…


Not a bad article at all and I’m not lashing out at you or anything (And I have faith that you do have a life outside this writing for this site) but saying things like “oh yeah I heard that last album was bad or I hear this or that or blah blah blah” isn’t very proficient. I actually enjoyed the last few Ryche albums and though it wasn’t there best I find it far from sub par. We want to hear what you think not what you heard.

Posted By: yrjizzyo? (Guest)

First off, thank you for your compliment, and I do have a life besides this, I’m a full time college student. You make a very good point, and my friends tell me all the time to stop going off of what I hear, which is a good suggestion, and I’m taking it to heart. I will look in to those Ryche albums soon enough, though.

Good column, but in the future, could you make it clearer that you’re going to post spoilers such as the IM setlist. Either have the spoilers hidden or perhaps have a gap between the announcement and the setlist itself. Fortunately, I saw IM in Atlanta Saturday night, but if I hadn’t I would be somewhat annoyed if I wanted to wait until the show.

BTW, that was a great show. IM was in their glory with a very theatrical show–the most theatrical that I’ve seen from them live, but then again I missed their recreation of the Powerslave tour in 2008. Plus, Alice Cooper was really on fire as his backup band was amazing. It’s a shame that Cooper only got about 45 minutes or so, but he made the most of the time he had.

Posted By: Michael L (Guest)

Hi, Michael L., welcome back. I didn’t even think about them as spoilers, and not that I realize that they can be seen as such, I will make sure that should I ever post another setlist, I will put a spoiler warning first. I personally see them as an incentive to go to the show, so you’ll know what you’re getting in to. But I am very happy that you got to go see them, I envy you, I couldn’t go myself, but I can imagine that both Alice and Maiden put on killer showings.

I have to agree with some of the previous comments. I think you are a very good writer but the last few or so articles I’ve read from you, you have only been going on what you’ve hard. Personally, I find it a little disrespectful to the artists when you just go by others opinions and just assume something is bad. I didn’t like Queensryche’s previous few albums at all but I heard them and therefore formed my own opinion. My brother loves them though but like I said: He heard them so he can state his opinion. But besides that this is a good article. Keep it up man and we hope to read more m?

Posted By: BigMikeonIce3 (Guest)

Thank you for the compliment, and as I said in the above comment response, that you have a good point, and I’ll try to stop going by ear. You are right, I had a guy tell me once to give up listening to Death, because he thought they sucked. Needless to say, he was wrong and I wouldn’t have made that realization had I listened to him. I will continue to keep it up, and you will read more, every Monday!

To wrap it all up, here’s mu global metal song of the week, I’m gonna go to Mexico and keep going south…so this week we have some Mexican Power Metal with Voltax!

So if you have any opinions on the column, some genre or country that you want me to feature in the global metal column, or if you just want to talk metal….
you can e-mail me at [email protected]
tweet me at @themetalcoop
or comment below

So I will be seeing you heathens next week, and as my metal icon Chuck Schuldiner says KEEP THE METAL FAITH ALIVE! m/


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